Get The Sports Oriented Syllable D900mini Bluetooth wireless headphone For $49.99

Superb sound is guaranteed with the new state-of-the-art Syllable D900MINI Bluetooth 4.1 wireless headset. This device is designed with true wireless technology for sports and workouts including walking, jogging, hiking, biking, and can be used in the gym. This product comes with exclusive crafts and exquisite details to make it an outstanding Bluetooth earphone. It has a metal piano drawing craft which is more durable and last longer. It also sports a gold plated charging contractor design as well as a metal dust-proof filter to prevent specks of dirt. The Syllable D900MINI Bluetooth wireless headphone is very portable as a single earpiece weighs only 6.5 grams with a maximum diameter of the size of a coin.

Syllable D900mini Bluetooth wireless headphone

The discomfort of wires is completely eliminated by this device as the right and left headphones sync with each other through a wireless path and provides stereo output sound. It is portable and has a perfectly designed earbud which ensures comfort during usage. The Syllable D900mini Bluetooth 4.2 wireless headset supports a simple three-step pairing. Firstly, take out the left and right earpiece and switch on the Bluetooth of your smartphone. Secondly, press the earpiece for 3 to 4 seconds until a light flash in red and white and the earpiece will give a voice alert to get into pairing mode. Lastly, search for Syllable D9 and connect it.

Syllable D900mini Bluetooth wireless headphone

Quality sound for best stereo and a superb bass is assured with its Bluetooth 4.2. The Syllable D900mini Bluetooth wireless headphone comes with an intelligent charging box with high capacity 500mAh lithium battery which provides 4 – 6 times charges for usage up to 120 minutes of continuous talk or music time on a single charge which takes less than 2 hours.

Syllable D900mini Bluetooth wireless headphone

With it’s easy to use buttons, this headset allows skip, play and pause on all your music tracks as well as all phone use without reaching your phone. Its frequency of 2.401 – 2.480 GHz ensures up to 30 ft of Bluetooth range and super quick pairing with all Android and iOS devices. The Syllable D900MINI Bluetooth wireless headphone adopts a low-frequency balance tech, via DSP adjust, thus at a low sound volume, it will strengthen the electric current signal for the low-frequency part automatically so as to achieve a better bass effect.

Syllable D900mini Bluetooth wireless headphone

The Syllable D900mini Bluetooth headphone is presently available on GearBest for $49.99. This is a limited offer which would be over shortly. Minimal shipping cost may apply depending on your location and preferred shipping option



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