SEEBEST C561 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

More and more devices become smarter and it refers to vacuum cleaners as well. Today we are going to see how a robotic vacuum cleaner dubbed as the SEEBEST C561 works and what features it sports. Currently this specific market is full of similar offers and there are many top brands offering their own products too. So when it comes to acquiring a robot cleaner we should be very careful, because if it’s possible to get our hands on a gadget with the same functionalities and features at a lower price, no reason to be obsessed with top brands and ignore this devices. In this case the SEEBEST C561 has all the chances to grab your attention thanks to many useful features and a price tag it comes at.

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I’m sure most of you have heard about robotic cleaners that charge themselves, clean themselves, and they even can be set up for a certain purpose. Probably, this is the most important feature of any smart vacuum cleaner, thus when buying such a gadget you should be aware what settings it supports.

Cleaning methods and modes

As for the SEEBEST C561 is known for many features and one of them is the multifunctional cleaning modes. Shortly there are 5 cleaning methods and various cleaning modes designed to help you clean your house entirely. As for those methods, the cleaner can sweep, roll up, vacuum, scrape, and mop. Plus, there are multi modes like moving in “Z”, random, left spiral, right spiral, winding, or wall following modes. There are also two other modes – auto cleaning and spot cleaning you can choose from.


Like other similar products the SEEBEST C561 comes with a smart Automatic Virtual Wall system, which means you can set some areas forbidden and it won’t enter there when cleaning. It is unclear how many detection sensors are located on the cleaner, but thanks to the ESP intelligent anti-collision system, it can detect the stairs and obstacles and lower speed to avoid collision. If the cleaner meets obstacles lower than 12 mm (15 degrees) it can easily climb and overcome them thanks to main wheels packed with shock absorbers.

As you see the SEEBEST C561 is very smart, and can do the whole work itself, but if you want to control its movement, you can do that via a new wireless remote control system. This feature can be useful especially when you know where the dust is. However, there is also another feature for this purpose, because it will work only in 10 m operation range– the intelligent dust detection system, which will set its cleaning route according to where it has noticed a dust.


The SEEBEST C561 is capable of cleaning a 120 sq.m area, but this doesn’t mean it will skive. It is designed to remove up to 96% of common household bacteria on the floor. Moreover, the special double turbine motor promotes 50% suction power for deeper cleaning. But the surprises are not over – the cleaner has a Floating brush, which means it is able to automatically adjust itself to the type of surface for better cleaning.

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If you are not aware, almost all smart cleaners come with time scheduling function. The SEEBEST C561 is no exception as well, i.e. you can set a cleaning calendar for a week and say, it will start the cleaning process every day at 3:00. And finally, the cleaner has a 0.35L dust box.


The charging takes about 3-5 hours and this will be enough for two hours when working. But you can leave the cleaner alone home for a longer time, because in case of power shortage while working, it can detect where the charger is placed, travel to it and recharge. As you guess there are two 1500 MAH NI-MH rechargeable batteries that will serve you for a long time. You can even don’t worry about the plugs and voltage, as there are several options you can choose from to meet your country requirements.

Other features

A few features remain untold. First, it its LCD screen that allows you set the cleaner up in the way you want, though the same can be implemented via the remote controller as well. Second, there are six noise levels you can choose from. So the SEEBEST C561 can work even when a child sleeps. And third, this vacuum cleaner is available in three colors –red, black, and white. So you can even choose your preferred color to match your room interior.


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The packaging is pretty big. It has dimensions of 58.00 x 15.00 x 45.00 cm and weighs about 5.6 kg. But we are dealing with such a big box, as it includes the Vacuum Cleaner itself, one Remote Controller, one Virtual Wall, one Charging Base, one Adapter, one HEPA, one Cleaning Brush, two Side Brushes, two Mopping Pads, one English Manual, and a Warranty Card, of course. The cleaner has smaller dimensions, 32.00 x 32.00 x 8.70 cm and weighs 3.2 kg, so everyone (pregnant women, aged, handicapped, or children) can handle it.


The SEEBEST C561 is thought to be a mid-priced cleaner, so the price tag it comes at is quite expected. You can get it for $190.


We have already taken a glance at other vacuum cleaners like ILIFE V1 and even one from SEEBEST, the D730. Thus we know such products are getting more and more popular. Honestly, they are very useful and we can free us from a daily routine work. In this case the SEEBEST C561 is a perfect choice, and I guess you agree with me.


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