Oukitel K4000 review – MTK6735 Quad Core 2GB RAM

Have you ever dreamt an indestructible 4G smartphone with a long-living battery? With Oukitel K4000 this is possible at a very cheap price!

Using a smart phone as a hammer to pump nails into the wood is probably the most rock-solid test ever in order to check the robustness and the strength of the device. The device which made it to the news on similar grounds is the one and only, Oukitel K4000,the second Universe Series smartphone released in 2015 from Chinese Oukitel agency.
There’s no denying of the fact that if a device survives the hammer test and lives to tell its story after being ran over by a truck, there’s little to argue with the quality of the device. In this Oukitel K4000 review of ours, we would be taking over with the specifications as well as the underlying features associated with this hammer-y beast.

The robust hardware
The robust hardware

Does this phone have a rock-hard surface? Probably, yes. Does this device satisfy the consumer on other grounds? Well, that we need to find out.

The hammer test
The hammer test

As the device was unboxed after it got unlocked for windows worldwide, the initial impressions made by this device were satisfactory.

Oukitel K4000 is available with two colours: black and white.
It has got an elegant and modern design mixed with technology. The body is very large due to its big battery and it is surrounded by a metal bar. As usual, there are three buttons on the right side (volume, device unlocking), a battery input on the lower side and an AUX input for headphones and audio devices on the top.  Oukitel K4000 has a dual micro-sim system and it is available in 6 languages (Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, English).

Oukitel K4000 reviewOukitel 4000 review

There are three touch buttons on the lower area of the phone: the classic Menu, Home, Return By keeping hold Home button you can even open applications managing, which is still very intuitive and easy also for a first use.

Oukitel K4000 reviewOukitel K4000 review


The Oukitel 4000 is running on the latest Android operating system or the latest Windows OS. So, before you start exploiting the device, keep in mind the fact that if you try to work yourselves up with the upgrades or with modelling the custom ROMs or rooting, the device can be robbed off of its warranty.

The OUKITEL K4000 review
The OUKITEL K4000 review

Now, to begin with, we would be over-viewing the pros as well as the cons associated with this smart phone. Subsequently in the sections further, we would reviewing the segregated sections in detail.

Overview of the features

With the standard 5.0 inch display, the OUKITEL K4000 arrives with the android 5.1 lollipop within. This smart phone has a MTK6735 processor by MediaTek built within it. The processor is Quad Core, not Octa core, mind it. Is that a letdown? Well, we’ll see.

Oukitel K4000
Oukitel K4000

The processor is 64-bit and when it comes to the storage, the OUKITEL K4000 smart phone doesn’t disappoint.  The RAM is worth 2GB and the ROM on the other hand is 16GB. Other features worth mentioning are the 13.0 MP camera which has a 2.5D Arc Screen. There are various other features offered to you on the table which would be discussed further.

Processor – core hardware specs 

The CPU built in the OUTKITEL 4000’s system is MTK6735 64-bit powered CPU which is pretty effective for smart phone in this price range. The processor although in not Octa-core. In fact, it is Quad core and runs at a satisfactory clock frequency of 1 Gigahertz.

Battery life
Battery life

The GPU integrated within the OUKITEL 4000 smart phone is MALI-T720, the superiority of which definitely gives an upper edge to this smart phone over other devices falling around its price range. As mentioned above, the RAM support provided stands at a decent 2GB where as the ROM is 16GB. A 2GB RAM is almost sufficient for carrying out your daily tasks on your device as well as working out tasks with some third party apps too but an extensive use in plethora of such third party apps can cause problems.

The external memory can be extended up to 32GB which is also commendable for devices in this price range such as the OUKITEL 4000.

Specifics of the Network

Does this device has 4G connectivity?. Well, yes it does. Does it have the GSM support? Well, yes again, it does. The OUTKITEL 4000 has GPS support as well as the latest Bluetooth 4.0 support so that’s something to cheer you up.

Support for GSM as well as WCDMA along with FDD as well as LTE is there when it comes to analyzing the network specifics of OUTKITEL 4000. Moreover, supports for 4G as well as the conventional 2G and 3G plans are available at 2600Mhz, 1900Mhz and 2100Mhz respectively.

Is the display commendable?

Well, let’s see. The screen is capacitive with a 5.0 inch screen size made of Gorilla Glass 3, 1 mm bezels made and 5 D, ensuring an excellent visual definition (1280×720 HD).
Multi-Color Touch screen has a 5 points capacitive multitouch display, which is very responsive and grants a fluent finger touch experience.

The glass definitely seems robust. We don’t need to substantiate that with evidences as the hammer nail test speak for itself. Watching  a device getting run over by a van and incurring no damage is definitely a rare sight. All thoughts of scepticism aside, this test alone speaks volumes about the robust display of the OUKITEL 4000.

Display of the device
Display of the device


On the top of it all, this device definitely expands the horizons of its functional scope with its 1mm bezels and the 2.5D rock-solid glass. To cite a fact, the screen of OUKITEL 4000 possesses up to a 9H hardness value and at the same  time, has more than 800 MPa of stress values thus enhancing its ability to resist shock tremendously. The display alone is enough to make this device top the list of the best-buy smart phones in this price range.

The screen employs a Zn Magnesium alloy frame which combines the CNC technology and adds to the artistic beauty of the frame. The whole protection as well as the toughness of device is held together.

Zinc alloy frame as well as the power strength
Zinc alloy frame as well as the power strength

So, as you can see, the OUKITEL 4000 definitely packs technology as well as an artistic design within its horizons in the most beautiful as well as in the most cost effective manner.

And then there was the camera

With a dual camera support i.e cameras at both, the front as well as the back,  the OUKITEL packs as much as it can in order to provide satisfying cam-cording or cam-clicking experiences. Specifically, the back camera is 8.0MP where as the rear end camera is 13.0MP.

Moreover, the back camera has a flash too. The front camera on the other hand is of 2.0 Megapixels which isn’t anything jaw-dropping. Overall, as you can judge by the camera samples, the camera to the OUKITEL 4000 definitely hooks you just as much as any other high end device, the only difference being that this is much more affordable. This is where the OUKITEL 4000 earns the brownie points and leaves its competitors behind.

Camera of outkitel K4000
The 13MP camera

Talking about the media formats is highly necessary when it comes to the camera. Well, almost all media formats are supported by this device. To mention specifically, the picture formats supported are JPEG, GIF, BMP as well as the PNG formats. The video formats on the other hand which  are supported are 3GP, MP4 as well as WAV. Support for MP3, WAV as well as  AAC is available when it comes to poking the music formats. One additional support is that you get to exploit the live wallpaper feature. Have a look at the camera samples below.

The best close-up photo!
The best close-up photo and the camera samples
cam sample
cam sample

We also experimented two differents methods to take pictures with Oukitel K4000
The first one is the classic interface you can see in every smartphone.
The second one is an innovative way that combines camera shoot, in the upper side of the display, and gallery, right under it. It allows to shoot several photo in a very short time and watching them at the same time. Check the photos below!

Oukitel K4000 review
Alternative Mode
Oukitel K4000 review
Normal Mode

OUKITEL 4000 smart phone, you definitely get the best close-up photo. The digital image processing techniques used to facilitate the camera of this smart device are the main underpinnings as to why this device produces close-up photos of exceptional quality. Also, highlighting the photo theme techniques along with blurring the background feature supplement you with easy shooting of microspur.

Other features

The OUKITEL K4000 come with a speaker, a Micro USB slot as well as a 3.5mm Audio jack on when it comes to counting the additional specs which add to the functional scope of the device in totality.

Proximity sensors as well as support for FM radio are available. Other operational features include gravity sensing as well as WAP. Also, alarms, browser features as well as calendars are available. When you purchase the device, you get a power adapter, a USB cable as well as an English manual.

Another important aspect worth covering is the battery life associated with the OUKITEL K4000 is its battery life. The 4000mAh rated battery is one of the most powerful ones in all the smart phones out there in this range. When your device is left with a scarce 14% of power, you get an auto reminder about whether you intend to turn on the power saving mode.
In the process which follows, the browsers, the mobile data as well as the wi-fi get disconnected in order to save power. When on power saving mode user can’t be afraid about battery because it lasts longer than other smartphones.
The BAK high density lithium-ion battery thus uses means of low charging voltage as well as reduced voltage conversion. This ensures that the overheating is regulated.
Oukitel K4000 review


The battery performance
The battery performance

Xender file transfer can be done at a faster rate via. this device. Xender is the service via. which you can transfer files between Android, iOS as well as your PC. Moreover, group sharing becomes a lot more easier.

Xender file transfer
Xender file transfer

Above all there is Smart Gestures system, which allows to run some functions directly with simple gestures.
You choose one of the key letters from the menu and have the possibility to set an action.
For example, you can play music by drawing a C letter on Standby display.

Oukitel K4000 reviewOukitel K4000 review

Another interesting element is the Face Beautify. When taking pictures wiht front facing camera, Oukitel K4000 allows you to use this feature and improve your self-portrait photos quality!
This is very important because users will not need to download or run any external photo-editing software to do so, wasting time and data storage or performance.


Final Verdict of the Q 3G SMART PHONE

After looking at each and every aspect of the Oukitel K4000, we have validated the device on the basis of these parameters below:

  • Build Quality: 8 out of 10
  • Appearance: 8 out of 10
  • Button placement: 8 out of 10
  • Interface experience: 9 out of 10
  • Display quality: 8 out of 10
  • Price/performance ratio: 9 out of 10
  • Camera performance: 7 out of 10
  • Battery performance: 8 out of 10

In summary, the Oukitel K4000 packs a variety of features within its system and in the affordable price range in which it arrives, this device is definitely the best buy at $120.

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  1. friends, i like oukitel. and i use k4000. this is amazing smartphone. Now #OUKITEL #K4000 is getting a new concise version.

    This version offers more convinient handling steps and much more consice visual effect with bigger fonts and bigger APP design.

    All the K4000 new orders from June will get this new version interface. Also from June OUKITEL is starting a new color for K4000 that is GOLD. To celebrate the new concise version and new gold color, next week from June 7th, OUKITEL and resellers like gearbest and tinydeal will join together to hold a flash sale for K4000. Though the retail price not confirmed, based on the $99.99 retail price, the biggest discount will fall on K4000.

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