OnePlus 3T in 2017 – Is it still worth buying( OnePlus 5 Early Thoughts )

Oneplus a 3 year old company which is taking the smartphone market like a storm and the current flagship offering from the company is called the oneplus 3t which is just a bumped up version of its predecessor oneplus 3 in terms of specs.

Now I guess many of you guys already know that oneplus is about to release its next flagship device oneplus 5 on 20th June.

So now the biggest question arise that is oneplus 3t still worth buying in 2017 or not and that exactly what I am going to be explaining today.

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  • Aesthetics and Design

Let’s start with the aesthetics and design, the OnePlus 3T is relatively light and features a sleek minimal uni body design which has a smooth metal finish. The second you hold this beautiful device you can simply feel the level of comfort ness which this device has to offer. On the back you will find the oneplus logo along with the 16 MP camera which has a slightly raised camera lens which I guess some of the users may not like but the camera on this device will surely over shadow some of its weakness, like the camera on oneplus 3t supports optical image stabilization as well as electronic image stabilization. In simple words your video will be as smooth as you would take those shots using a gimbal. The camera app on this device is quite easy to use and the UI is quite minimal with some advance level mode like the manual mode through which you can the change the ISO, aperture or the shutter speed according to your preference to click some pro shorts.



  • Display

Talking about the display, the oneplus 3t has a 5.5 inch optic AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1920 * 1080. Out of the box, it looks amazing, and the true whites really shine through in a way that was difficult to achieve on the 3. But in 2017 every major smartphone contender is opting for QHD display like the HTC U 11 and LG G6. But for a normal user does the difference between QHD and FHD really matters, on paper yes it does but as a long term oneplus 3t user I didn’t get affected with this trend. Because I think the screen on  oneplus 3t is well optimised as the company has tuned the AMOLED display by applying a dual polarising layer to improve the colour temperature and contrast and you can clearly see that.

Now someone once said with greater powers comes greater responsibility and the same principle is applicable for smartphones too.

For instance if you are using a high resolution QHD display the battery consumption will be greater and that’s the area where Oneplus 3t really stands outs. It features a 3400 MAH battery which can easily get you throughout a day or even more, with some normal music listening, hard-core gaming and video consumption I was able to get around 6 to 6.5 hours of screen on time which is far better than some high end devices featuring a QHD display and how can we forget the Dash charging capability which provides you a day’s power in just half an hour. Right now the dash charging is the faster battery charging solution which will charge you device from 0 to 60 in just 30 minutes and guys believe me this is insane and also one of my favourite feature of this device.


  • Technical Specification

Now let’s talk about some of the so called technical specifications of this device. The oneplus 3t is using a snapdragon 821 processor which was the flagship SOC of 2016 coupled with whopping 6 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of on-board storage and a 128 gigs for higher end variant. The same configuration of specification can be seen in the pixel devices made by Google at twice the price of 3t, but still oneplus 3t was the fastest smartphone of 2016 until QUALCOMM unveils its next flagship SOC snapdragon 835 and there are tons of speed test video available on YouTube regarding that.

On the software side oneplus is running on the latest version of android that is android nougat 7.1.1 based on oxygen OS which is a custom os build by the company to provide a stock experience with some great system level customizations. The rom feels really smooth and it will give you pixel like experience.

Additionally the finger print scanner on this device is made up of ceramic which means it won’t scratch easily and it’s the fastest finger print scanner of 2016 and still it’s competing with some top flagship devices of 2017

Now guys I want to ask you a question that according to you what an ideal smartphone is? Do let me know that in the comment section.

I guess a normal user will say it should have a good camera which can take some pretty good shots, a solid build quality, a faster CPU that can handle all your apps in day to day usage, a solid battery to juice up your device throughout the day and sufficient storage to keep your files. What if I say you will be getting all these thing in the oneplus 3t.

Now as we all know with every passing year smartphone manufacturers release the next generation of their flagship devices, just like oneplus is releasing the successor to 3t and it will be called oneplus 5. And I am aware of the fact that in oneplus 5 you will be getting the latest and greatest specification with all the new features, but does that mean buying oneplus 3t is now just waste of money.

If you personally ask me that question then I think no, by no means 3t is a waste of money, it’s still a best android smartphone that you can get at half the price of other flagship device and still it’s a flag ship killer. With its 6 gigs of ram and powerful snapdragon 821 processor you can easily use this for next 1 or 2 years with no lag and it will also receive the software updates as oneplus is quite good in providing timely updates for their devices.

So according to me oneplus 3t is still worth buying in 2017 which will cost you around 439 USD and I am saying this because I am a long term 3t user and using this device since last 6 months.









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