OnePlus 3S to Come Soon Sporting Snapdragon 821 CPU and non-AMOLED Screen

A few days ago it has been rumored the OnePlus 3 production can be halted to open the way for a new model. We assume it should be the OnePlus 3 Plus or the OnePlus 3S. On one hand, this is a quite expected decision, as the OnePlus 3 has got a big popularity among high-end devices. It was also compared with such handsets as the Meizu MX6, Xiaomi Redmi Pro, Oppo Find 9 and more. But on the other hand, if this is as popular and beloved as we say why the company has discontinued its production? It turns out the issues related with production are conditioned with the AMOLED screen delivery. So we can say the source of its success and problems is the same.


This morning, OnePlus founder, Carl Pei said the phone’s production is not abandoned, but they are collection some quantity units to restart the sales. Plus, he said they have put an order for components, but some of them and especially the AMOLED screens won’t arrive at the desired time.

OnePlus 3S

Well, let’s imagine the words of Carl Pei are true and the OnePlus 3 will appear in stocks soon, but does it mean there wouldn’t be the continuation for it? It turns out the new list of approved wireless radio transmission models have been announced. What’s interesting it includes a mysterious device coming our way with a model number of A3010. We have all reasons to suppose it’s the OnePlus 3S, because the OnePlus 3 came with a model number of A3000. But it’s also supposed the manufacturer will replace the AMOLED screen seen on the original model with another display due to limitation set by Samsung. Anyway, this new model should be packed with a Snapdragon 821 CPU, 6GB of RAM, and it should run on Android 7.0. The rest of features is assumed to remain the same. At last, The OnePlus 3S is thought to come at a price tag of 2499 yuan. Thus the manufacturer is not going to make it more expensive.



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