Nokia and Xiaomi Strategic Cooperation: Surge S1 Begins to Make Its Way

Seems Nokia and Xiaomi has nothing common. Moreover the former brand is a trying to live a second life, while Xiaomi is known as the fastest growing startup. But if looking closely these companies can help each other. Say, Nokia can use Xiaomi’s innovative technologies and stand out in the US market. As for Xiaomi, this can become a good springboard to enlarge its market. Plus, Xiaomi has been always thinking diversification of the income is the safest way to earn. Probably, something like this is in minds of those companies, otherwise there is no reason to start a strategic cooperation. Yesterday it’s become known Nokia and Xiaomi hasd signed a strategic cooperation contract details of which will become known to large masses in the nearest future.

Nokia and Xiaomi

The net was buzzing about this news and we have heard too many assumptions what this cooperation can bring to. But today a new leak put paid to all those conversations. Nokia will use Xiaomi’s own-made Surge S1 chip. We don’t have any details on it yet, but it’s supposed the Surge S1 will appear on Nokia’s mid-range smartphones.

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As you remember, the Xiaomi Surge S1 is a mid-range chip running on 28nm process technology. It’s considered to be the main rival to the Snapdragon 625 and MediaTek Helio P20 and Kirin 655. And though many have been suspicious towards this SoC, the Surge S1 proved the 28nm process doesn’t prevent it from fighting against experts.

The Surge S1 comes with eight 64-bit cores clocked at up to 2.2GHz (4 x A53 large cores + 4 x A53 small cores). The processor is paired with a quad-core Mali T860 graphics processor. The power consumption is reduced by 40%. It also supports 32 high-performance voice DSP and VoLTE high-quality audio and video calls. The call voice quality has been upgraded by 100%. There is also a self-researched high-speed rail mode allowing users to use high-speed networks.

Only one smartphone is still powered with this chip and as you know it’s the Xiaomi Mi 5C. But Xiaomi is working on a 16nm chip, Surge S2. So when this cooperation between Nokia and Xiaomi begins bearing fruits, the second-gen Xiaomi chip may appear on Nokia devices as well.



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