Next-Gen Xiaomi Mi MIX to be Designed By Philippe Starck Again

When two talents meet it’s impossible not to create something incredible. The Xiaomi Mi MIX story starts so. As you know, the Chinese giant has cooperated with Philippe Starck, a titan in the world of product design in order to create Xiaomi Mi MIX. The latter has managed to win hearts of millions thanks to unbelievable design and innovative technology. Though this phone has not launched aboard, it is considered as the best Chinese smartphone that can grab all the prizes from top brands. Obviously, we have seen many bezel-less smartphones, but this one breaks all the stereotypes. That’s why it has become a role model for other manufacturers as well. I bet you know Allview and Elephone are going to launch something like the Mi MIX soon. This means the continuation of the Xiaomi Mi MIX should better than what it is now. Though it’s difficult to imagine what can be better designed than this phone, the second meeting of Philippe Starck and Lei Jun makes us to hope for the best.

Philippe Starck and Lei Jun

As the Xiaomi’s official channel informs, the meeting of Lei Junand Philippe Starck has one purpose – to come up with a new partnership for the next-gen Xiaomi Mi MIX. We have already seen a few Mi MIX concepts and we have managed to hear some rumors about the features. Some Mi fans even have given a name to it, Xiaomi Mi MIX Evo. I guess ‘Evo’ comes from ‘Evolution’. So everything seems reasonable. I mean Lei Jun will affirm only a worthy design. On the other hand, I think Philippe Starck will present only a worthy design.

Making a bezel-less smartphone is not only a matter of design. Everything should correspond to it. Especially this refers to the software. Xiaomi has worked a lot to develop a native system for its beast. Now the company stands against the same task. So let’s cross the fingers with a hope the next-gen Xiaomi Mi MIX will be as popular and stylish as the current model.



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