New Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Leaked In Documents

The Xiaomi Mi 5 is the best creation of the company. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is the most popular smartphone of it. And the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is the only device of this manufacturer that is able to compete with the top brand models. When the Xiaomi Mi 5S and 5S Plus were launched, many people were disappointed of them due to lack of many features. Among those anticipated features were the ceramic body, curved screen, under glass fingerprint scanner, dual camera and so on. Alas, none of these features appeared on the final version. As a result, many customers were disappointed and the only thing they can do was to wait for the Xiaomi Mi Note 2. Fortunately, this smartphone didn’t let them down. It came with a list of incredible features. This made us to think the next-gen Xiaomi mi Note is coming soon. Today we have some news on this case – a leaked document hints at the next Xiaomi Mi Note 2. But what’s it? Let’s deal.

Certificate of Xiaomi Mi Note 2

 Some netizens have found a spotted document showing a Xiaomi phone with a model number of 2015212 had got an official network license. The certificate showcases this phone is packed with a 5.7-inch display, 4070mAh battery and it comes at dimensions of 156.2 * 77.2 * 7.6mm. If my memory serves me well, these are the same features found on the Mi Note 2. Moreover, the current version of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 has had certificated for model numbers of 2015211 and 2015213. So it’s quite reasonable another Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is coming.

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Unfortunately, there are no photos of this upcoming device. So we can’t say anything concerning its look. But the model numbers and the identical features hint we are dealing with a slightly changed version of the Mi Note 2. What design lineaments and / or features have been changed still remained unknown.



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