MIUI8.2 Stable Version Coming to 100M Users on February 16

The first Mi phone to get Android 7.0 update has been considered to be the Xiaomi Mi 5. This is the best phone of the Xiaomi yet. And it’s quite reasonable why the manufacturer updated it first. It’s been also rumored MIUI9 OTA update based on Android 7.0 will be ready soon. Thus everything good comes to this model first. But before it happens, other Mi products and their owners shouldn’t be ignored. Xiaomi think so as well. For example, recently we found out the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 was getting an update changing the OS version to 7.1.1. This is reasonable in its turn, as the Redmi Note 3 is the most popular abroad. Well, be sure the rest of Xiaomi models will be updated to MIUI8.2 soon. And this date should be as soon as tomorrow.


Yesterday MIUI official channel posted there will be a great news for 100 million Mi users at 10:00AM.  As we have assumed, this news should refer to Android 7.0 update coming to more Xiaomi handsets. Earlier we have heard three more devices including the Xiaomi Mi MAX, Mi 4C / 4S and original Mi Note should be the next models to change the OS version to Android 7.0. Today our assumptions have been confirmed, as the same channel posted another image clearly showing the MIUI8.2 update will be launched tomorrow.


There are more than 200 million MIUI users. Thus this MIUI8.2 stable version should take half of them to a higher level. Unfortunately, the MIUI channel doesn’t disclose any additional information. But we tend to think this update will refer to the most popular models, as they have the most customers.

At last, we still don’t know what changes the MIUI8.2 will bring, but as experience shows a higher MIUI version is always the way better than the older ones.

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