MIUI8.2 Has Come With a List of Changes, But When to Wait for MIUI9

The MIUI8.2 stable version is already being pushed to 100M Xiaomi users. It comes with a list of improvements. Of course, this is a great news for all those who are obsessed with the Mi phones. But we are waiting for the major improvement, MIUI9. The latter should bring the company’s smartphones to a new level. That’s why it caused a huge stir after the MIUI8.2 release. We have got familiar with the leaked list of Xioami smartphones eligible to get this update. But what about the launch date. Xiaomi has had to disclose some details due to the pressure coming from users.


Before we find out what’s what, let’s see what changes have been made in the current version. First of all, this version brings a new desktop intelligence assistance. Thanks to large data analysis it is capable of providing more intelligent services. Say, you can swipe from the left side of the phone in order to quickly view traffic usage, book reading progress, bus subway and so on.


Moreover, there is a WeChat payment system as well as a dozen other WeChat features we have talked about recently. Thus, MIUI8.2 offers more comfortable way of using this service.

Apart from the Smart Desktop Assistance, the MIUI 8.2 also comes with a new Security Centre. It uses IFTTT to perform different tasks at different time.

At last, MIUI8.2 comes with updated notification bar design, sound effects like camera focus, screenshots, charging, lock screen etc.

The MIUI8.2 is available via OTA update. But you can also update it manually at the MIUI Forum. The complete list of smartphones ready to get this update is below:

  • Xiaomi Mi 2,
  • Xiaomi Mi 2S,
  • Xiaomi Mi 3,
  • Xiaomi Mi 4,
  • Xiaomi Mi 4C,
  • Xiaomi Mi Max,
  • Xiaomi Mi Note,
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note,
  • Xiaomi Redmi 1S,
  • Xiaomi Redmi 2.

As you see, some anticipated models can’t be upgraded. Especially this refers to the Xiaomi Mi 5 and newly launched the Redmi Note 4X. The case of the Mi 5 is more or less comprehensible. I mean we know this model is currently testing the MIUI9 Beta ROM based on Android 7.0. But what about the Redmi Note 4X. To dispel all kinds of conversations, MIUI official channel has responded saying both models (Xiaomi Mi 5 and Redmi Note 4X) should run on more stable versions such as MIUI8 / 8.1. Plus, there is testing an Android 7.0 code on the Mi 5, as I said above. So it is still based on MIUI8.1. But I think the Mi 5 will get MIUI9 update based on Android 7.1, while the Redmi Note 4X and other smartphones from the same category will be added to the MIUI8.2 list. The latter has been confirmed by the channel as well – the MIUI8.2 OTA update for the Redmi Note 4X is coming as soon as at the end of February.


Now as for MIUI9, MIUI official channel has had to make some clearance concerning the launch date. Initially they didn’t want to say more just announcing MIUI9 update won’t come soon. But as there was growing an uprising, MIUI channel officially announced – no certain date is set for the MIUI9 release, but do not wait for it to come in May.


What does this mean? During several years MIUI team has been pushing the major update on August 16 (MIUI birthday). But this tradition was broken last year when the MIUI8 was released on May 10. So many Mi fans have been thinking the MIUI major update push date is changed. Now it turns out that May-time launch was an exception, not a regularity.


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