Meizu X8 Review: Genuine Pseudo Flagship Smartphone

In 2018, Meizu has revised its smartphone business strategy, which not only refers to the hardware and appearance of its phones but also the price policy. From the Meizu 16 and to the Meizu V8 and other models, all without exception comes with a breathtaking low price. This was the main factor why the smartphone users were interested in the new Meizu phones.

As for the newly announced Meizu X8, it’s the second model from this line. But the first handset was announced a long time ago. To showcase how much work has been done on this handset, we just have to say Wong Huang Zhang spent $2 million for it.

Today, we also compared two smartphones from the thousand yuan niche, the VIVO Z3 and the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE. The Meizu X8 is another handset from this category. But what’s more interesting, it is still the cheapest Snapdragon 710 model to date. Plus, it uses the flagship CMOS of Sony IMX362/Samsung 2L7. In the design, there is also the Meizu family face that Huang Zhang personally polished. Undoubtedly, the Meizu X8 has won the ultimate price-performance laurel, while not yielding in other aspects such as camera and design.

Meizu X8 Appearance

The Meizu X8 is available in three colors: bright black, jade white, and magic blue. We are reviewing the former version.

The phone comes in a pure white box, which only carries the company’s logo and the name of the phone.

Meizu X8

People familiar with Meizu phones can see at a glance that the Meizu X8 has a very distinctive feature in front panel compared to other models of the same family. It has a strong iPhone XR style but looks much better than this phone.

Let’s change our opinion. Looking closer, we can see that the 6.15-inch 18.5:9 notch screen benefits a lot from the COF packaging process of the iPhone XR, which is narrowing the upper and lower borders a lot, while the left and right borders are only 1.7mm. As a result, its screen ratio is 89.6%, which is rare in the thousand yuan niche.

Meizu X8

In fact, the COF packaging is not anything new or mysterious. However, too many thousand yuan phones or even flagship phones are used to control the cost and use COG. As a result, there is a wide chin.

Meizu X8

The chin of the Meizu X8 has been narrowed down to 4.8mm thanks to the same packaging process of the iPhone XR, and we have found a more pleasing feature than the iPhone XR – there is a unique four-sided circle of Meizu. The corner and the dark theme UI are very visually stretched.

Meizu X8

Huang Zhang himself has always disliked notch screen design, but perhaps it is in response to the questioning and trapping of the outside world that ‘Meizu can’t make bangs screen phones’. Meizu, which disdains this, has put the bangs on a thousand yuan machine. Plus, it also added arcs on both sides.

What’s more interesting, in order to be different from the industry’s notch screen phones, it also spent $2 million for deep customization. So it can plug multiple components such as a signal receiver, infrared transmitter, proximity sensor, earpiece, etc. There is a special 20MP camera as well.

In addition to the small bangs, the back of the Meizu X8 is another major feature worthy of attention. The bright black composite sheet has a near-ceramic color perception, and it is difficult to match the opponent in the thousand yuan niche.

Meizu X8

It is worth noting that we generally use it outdoors. As long as we meet the daylight, the black body shell will also flash a bright color, which is said to be related to the bright porcelain stacking process used. It helps the phone look like flagship models costing a few thousand yuan.

Meizu X8

In the middle, the Meizu X8 uses a matte metal frame. The volume key and power button are very crisp, but there is no abnormal looseness.

Meizu X8

The Meizu X8 thoughtfully retains the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Meizu X8

There are double-row openings at the bottom, and the Type-C charging interface that is essential in 2018 is placed between them.

Meizu X8

Meizu X8 Performance

Since the beginning of this year, all Meizu phones regardless of the category they belong to were using Snapdragon chips. This is unprecedented for a company that has been using MediaTek chips only. Many have been thinking this switch will affect the Meizu phones’ pricing. But the truth is the new Meizu phones cost way less than their predecessors.

Honestly, the Meizu X8 could sport a Snapdragon 660 super mid-range chip, and no one would complain on it because phones from the same price range come with it mainly. But our protagonist is packed with a new SoC of Qualcomm that inherits many components from the Snapdragon 8xx series. It features a Snapdragon 710 processor. The latter uses a 10nm process node, Kryo 300 series CPU, and Adreno 600 series GPU. In addition, the Spectra 250 ISP, the Hexagon 685 DPS, and the X15 LTE baseband are classic IPs derived from the 800 series flagship processors.

It is worth noting that the Snapdragon 710 is equipped with the Kryo 360 core with the same architecture as the SND845, and its CPU core architecture is leading the 835 generation! The two Kryo 360 cores clocked at 2.2GHz, and the six Kryo 360 small cores can save power for everyday use.

The Snapdragon 710 also uses the new Adreno 616 graphics processor, which is the second 6-series Adreno GPU after the Adreno 630 of the Snapdragon 845. Compared with the 660, the Snapdragon 710 GPU graphics rendering speed is increased by 35%. The power consumption is reduced by 20%.


According to the latest performance list of AnTuTu, the Meizu X8 scores more than the same SoC model of the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and the VIVO NEX Standard Edition.

Meizu X8


The GeekBench running points of the Meizu X8 are considered to be quite satisfactory, and there is basically no difference when comparing to other SND710-powered models.

Meizu X8


The performance of the Snapdragon 710 is fully sufficient for the use of mainstream game entertainment and can provide a better experience than the 6-series mid-range processors.

Meizu X8 Meizu X8


It can be seen that according to the latest ranking of PCMark, the Meizu X8’s energy consumption performance is similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S9/Note 9 and other models that are known as top-notch smartphones.

Meizu X8


The continuous reading speed is around 296MB/s.

Meizu X8

Meizu X8 Camera

Meizu X8 has been using the slogan of ‘light luxury camera phone’. More or less, it’s a binding phrase. , The phone uses a combination of the familiar Sony IMX362 + Samsung 2L7 sensors.

Although this CMOS was used in advance in the era of Meizu M6 Note, it is quite acceptable to see in a smartphone from such a price range. With the addition of ArcSoft algorithm, this sensor has become a real beast.

However, what we want to say here is that although this dual-camera is the same as the previous one, thanks to the addition of Snapdragon 710, the Meizu X8 has obtained its more powerful dual ISP image signal processor and the hardware-level AI tuning.

Daytime samples

This is a macro shot of red flowers and green plants. At this price point, its performance is still very good. It has been able to give a sharper focal contour line and relatively good out-of-focus blurring. In addition, due to the AI color reproduction, it has a more accurate grasp than the previous generation models.

Meizu X8 Meizu X8

The Meizu X8 also restored the blue skies’ capture closer to the origin, and the details of the building are very sharp, which obviously suppressed the highlights. It is very difficult to recall another handset from this price range that provides a similar shooting performance.

Meizu X8

Low-light samples

The samples show the phone able to capture the contours and details of the building in the weaker light.

Meizu X8Meizu X8

This is a nighttime macro shot. The chrysanthemum under the light is not inferior to the daytime, and the blurring effect is clear.

Meizu X8

The roadside shop and the building’s neon lights are quite good.

Meizu X8 Meizu X8


In the portrait mode, even if the portrait outline is still captured accurately under the black and white filter, the skin effect such as dermabrasion is not affected.

Meizu X8Meizu X8

The Meizu X8 uses the same world’s smallest 20MP beauty lens as its own flagship Meizu 16 in the front. It also incorporates the ArcSoft smart algorithm. The overall effect is also very natural.

Meizu X8

Meizu X8 Battery

The Meizu X8 is equipped with a 3210mAh battery and offers a charger with a maximum power of 18W.

When testing the battery for the video playback, the brightness was at 70% and the volume was at 50%. The test began when the remaining power was 96%. After 60 minutes, the power dropped to 85%. So we can calculate that the Meizu X8 can play videos continuously for 9-10 hours.

For game testing, the remaining power drooped from 78% to 64% after 30 minutes of playing the PUBG. Thus, it can provide up to 4 hours of game playing.

At last, the Meizu X8 comes standard with a charger supporting a maximum charging power of up to 18W. It took 90 minutes to charge from 1% to 98%.

Meizu X8

Meizu X8 Software

The Meizu X8 runs on the latest Flyme 7 OS. It is based on Android 8.0. After nearly one year of iterative optimization, UI design, AI features and game mode have all matured.


In the design of the system UI, Flyme has successively changed countless versions of seven generations, but always maintains the principle of slumbering aesthetics, deliberately returning to the simplification. In Flyme 7, we can see that Meizu still maintains a small and fresh style.

Meizu X8

In the era of full screen, it still adheres to the mBack. But it has become smarter and smoother in actual experience.

Meizu X8


The Meizu X8 has the function of a personal assistant, which can be triggered by skidding on the main interface. This function is based on the AI algorithm. In this function, we can open the application with high frequency more conveniently.

Meizu X8

In the process of daily use, we most like the function of automatic screen recognition. When pressing the screen, a small window pops up to blow the whole paragraph into a single text for selection and recombination.

Meizu X8

Game 3.0

The game window can be said to be a special feature of Meizu. If you encounter WeChat or QQ message during the game, you can open the small window to input text at any time. So you will not miss important news reminders, replies, etc.

Meizu X8

The function switch provided in Game Mode 3.0 is also very significant. From the above comparison, we can see that the system will more actively mobilize the two cores of the Snapdragon 710, once the high-frequency mode is opened to provide a more stable frame rate.

Meizu X8 Meizu X8

Final Words

In the past, because all the notch screens on the market were different ‘ugly’, we have been unable to imagine what the bangs would look like on the forehead of the Meizu phones that always come with strict design requirements. That’s why J. Wong hoisted $2 million to make a special customized bangs screen for the Meizu X8. We discovered for the first time that Meizu can also make bangs without compromising the aesthetic principle. What’s more unexpected is that the Meizu X8 uses the COF packaging previously used only by Apple for its iPhone models.

In terms of performance, the Meizu X8 is capable of providing a better performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon710 quasi-flagship mobile platform than others. In addition, the main camera comes with a Rainbow soft algorithm, which makes the IMX362 sensor take better shots.

In this way, at the starting price of 1598 yuan ($232), the Meizu X8 should be considered one of the best models in the niche.


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