Meizu Smartwatch Leaks (About time Meizu)

Many Smartphone users do not like Smartwatches because, you have to charge it every night, and it offers very less functionality and it may feel uncomfortable to wear sometimes. Many even prefer a smart-band of some sorts (mostly for fitness tracking and sleep tracking, and notification alerts for when when you get a call or a message through IM or SMS), but it doesn’t show the time, and that’s a big hassle.

This evening, Micro-Blogging site Webio user @Ubuntu leaked a lot of pictures of the un-released and upcoming Smartwatch from Meizu. From the photos the Meizu Smartwatch seems to be very rugged (Optimal for children and outdoors people), and also looking good, adding the style element for the geeky gadget.

Taking the word from Webio user @Ubuntu, the smartwatch will apparently be named “Charm Blue Watch”, and the prototype has been exhibited at the RockChip booth at the annual Hong Kong Electronics Fair. If the device, exists (Remember, Meizu could only have made a few devices for RockChip to show off at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, and this device may not even see the light of day in that case) perhaps Meizu will announce the Smartwatch at the 21st Conference. Keep following for more updates about this leak as well as the Meizu Smartwatch announcement (If it ever happens)

Here are the leaked pictures from Webio (The Quality of some pictures is bad because, the photographer could be in a hurry to get the pictured discretely, we will upload new detailed pictures as soon as they become available to us)

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What do you guys think about the Meizu Smartwatch? Is is just a “Concept Device” for RockChip to display at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, or is it an actual prototype device of a final product that Meizu would eventually launch?



Manu, perhaps best known by his YouTube alter ego ManoharOfficial, has a love for technology that can never be quenched, no matter how hard he tries.

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