Meizu LIVE Review: High-end Headphones Priced at 1299 Yuan ($206)

Meizu doesn’t launch too many products in a year. But when it comes in with a new product, it causes a huge stir. The same happened with the Meizu Live headphones that were announced on January 15. These headphones were uncovered along with another great product named the Meizu Flow Boss. But the latter didn’t attract customers, while its sibling was in the spotlight and the net was buzzing about it. Honestly, there is a ground for conversations. The Meizu Live headphones are the most expensive product of the company from this category. But what’s more interesting it is priced so high fairly. This is a high-end product, which has been designed to compete with any top brand. And as Meizu is a very popular brand in China and overseas, there is every chance for it to become a favorite product.

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Meizu Live

Meizu Live Design

Those who see these headphones for the first time think they were made as a Shure 846 or AKG K3003 alternative. Some were thinking Meizu has copied their design. But the manufacturer itself doesn’t care about it. The truth is the Meizu Live is a top-notch product but costs way less. Say, if the aforementioned models are priced at $1000, the Meizu Live can be pre-ordered for $203 only.

Meizu Live

The fact we are dealing with a high-end product is noticed even when looking at the packaging. In the front, it carries the photo of the product accompanied by a Hi-Res Audio Logo provided by Japan Audio Society.

Meizu Live

The back of the packaging carries the key features of these headphones. But as they are in Chinese, it’s better to talk about them later.

Meizu Live

The headphones are placed in an additional box.

Meizu Live

When taken out, we can measure the cable length. It’s 1.2m.

Meizu Live

The earbud’s back panel is made by using a metallurgical process. The Meizu logo is printed on the top.

Meizu Live

The earplugs come with an eye-catching transparent PC case.

Meizu Live

So when holding it too close we can see the four precisely engineered moving iron units inside the earphones. They have low-frequency armatures as well as medium- / high-frequency armatures.

Meizu Live

The Meizu Live headphones come with an M-size wire by default. But the box includes up to 7 sizes of wires. So you can remove the one coming pre-installed, and choose any you want.

Meizu Live

The switch is compatible with the most Android phones.

Meizu Live

The hitch part is made of the same material as the switch.

Meizu Live

It comes with a regular three-stage plug.

Meizu Live

The Meizu Live uses an MMCX connector. It also comes with replaceable tuning nozzles. The nozzle is offered in three color options of white, blue, and black. You can use them to change the frequency as you deem fit.

Meizu Live

There is also an IPX7 rated carrying case.

Meizu Live

There is a separate place to put the nozzle alone.

Meizu Live

In terms of appearance, the Meizu LIVE headphones still continue using a simple style. The headset, as a whole, is relatively light and excellent workmanship.

Meizu Live Audio Test

As for a wearing experience, we can state the Meizu Live provides an excellent wearing feeling. It didn’t get off in various conditions, even when doing something active. Moreover, there are seven types of sponge plugs. So you can choose any of them that fit the best.

Anyway, we are more interested in the audio experience the Meizu Live provides. As we know, it comes with four units that work on a three-way three frequency system. Two of them are responsible for low-frequency performance, while the next two units are responsible for high-frequency performance. In some sense, they work like a SoC consisting of different cores.

At the beginning of this review, we said the Meizu Live has been designed to compete with other high-end headphones. At the event, when these headphones were announced, Meizu introduced a comparison curve. According to it, the aforementioned Shure 846 and AKG k3003 have the same frequency response curve as the Meizu Live. However, it still remains unknown what conditions were set for the comparison test.

  1. Hotel California – Eagles

The first audition test was held for this song.  We used the live version with 7 minutes of duration and 192 kHz/ 24bit. As a verdict, we can say the Meizu Live provides the purest audio experience. All the instrumental voices can be differentiated clearly.

  1. Myrtle Flowers, waltz, op. 395 – Johann Strauss

As for this audio test, we used a 2018 Vienna New Year Concert version with a 96 kHz/ 24bit

The dynamic range of the symphony is very good. On the other hand, there are some clipping and loss of details affecting the symphony. But actually, it was caused by the phone. The Live is a low resistance headphone with only 18 ohms, while the sensitivity is low to only 97db. So the phone’s hardware wasn’t capable of sending corresponding signals to the headphones. So if you want to listen to a symphony via the Meizu Live headphones, use a better phone or plug it into the PC.

  1. The king of karaoke – Eason Chan

At least, we used a Chinese popular song with a 96 kHz/ 24bit.

So the Meizu Live could provide a great listening performance due to low-frequency studio sound.

We can conclude, these headphones are suitable for listening to pop music mainly. But when you want to enjoy classics via it, it’s better to use a more powerful device rather than a regular smartphone.

The Final Words

Actually, Meizu has done a great job and come in with a worthy accessory. The Meizu Live is not the toppest-end product ready to beat all of its competitors, but it provides an appropriating audio performance in terms of its pricing. These headphones can be used for various purposes, but they will perform well in a daily use. In this sense, the Meizu Live is a must-buy product, but if you want headphones with all the best features look for something else. But know it will cost you a fortune. The Meizu Live is a cost-effective product that will catch eyes in a crowd.


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