Lenovo’s new $1,000+ Smartglasses come to reality

Just last year, Lenovo’s “New Bench” conference revealed some new creations the company had been working on for a while, which was a new type of SmartGlasses that when you wore, made you look like some futuristic cartoon character.

This concept seems to be a rebirth from Google’s “Google Glasses” project that was discontinued a little while ago. Their smartglasses were aimed at average consumers, and retailed for a whopping 8000 Yuan, which equated to over $1,200USD which is mind boggling for a pair of smartglasses. Even top of the line smartphones with 24K Gold wouldn’t even cost that much.

Lenovo smartglass


A year after the release of it’s first pair of smartglasses, comes another one. The alleged “new pair” of smartglasses from the company is said to be priced at the same 8000 Yuan/,200USD as we saw from the previous Lenovo M100 Smartglasses.

Lenovo smart glasses


The goal of Lenovo launching their new smartglasses is to help people “see things a different way” and change their perspectives. The smart device is aimed at the Chinese market. The device is seen to be built out of semi-premium quality materials, such as light aluminum for the frame, the lens and possibly some more plastic around the hinges.

As for the device’s performance, the new smartglasses are expected to be able to withstand mild usage, with the battery enduring anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, with main usages being voice calls, video playback, and other miscellaneous features.



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