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Lenovo Mobile will be merged into Motorola

On January 2014 Lenovo announced Motorola, to the formal merger with Motorola in October 2014, during these months, the merger has been repeatedly discussed between the two OEM’s, as they ran into many problems. This came to a point where they gave up on the deal entirely. But, new reports suggest that Lenovo’s Mobile division will be completely incorporated into Motorola, and Lenovo Mobile will no longer exist.

Interfaces News reports, Lenovo Mobile Group President Chen Xudong talked to the Interfaces News reporter explained to him that more than two months a series of initiatives, a clear logic is: From the organizational structure to the product line and brand, Lenovo Mobile will be gradually incorporated into Motorola. “The new organizational structure will be immediately released , “Chen Xudong said.

It is understood that, in the new organizational structure, Motorola staff in the management of the account for a large proportion, Motorola’s management will lead the original Lenovo Mobile backbone.

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This means that, in addition to the magical workshop, Lenovo Mobile will be incorporated into Motorola, ultimately ZUK, Motorola’s dual-brand strategy . The former flagship Internet brand, while the latter is for high-end as well as international markets.

Chen Xudong said that he admitted the Motorola team in research and development and other aspects of experience than the association, most of the products are being drastically cut line , and ultimately want all product lines incorporate Motorola.

Lenovo released the first quarter of the previous financial results, the mobile business division pre-tax loss of $ 292 million (about 1.872 billion yuan), the profit margin was -13.8%. Not only income, but also problems with shipments, shipments in the first quarter, only 16.2 million, down 0.5 percentage points to 4.7% in the global smart phone market share. Poor performance, presumably also determined to integrate Lenovo reasons. Also, Visit Lenovo Black Friday Deals for getting some awesome device for a hell lot cheaper price! 😀

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