Landvo XM100: A 5 inch Phone for an Implausible Price of $60

Xiaomi Today has discussed about hundreds of cheap phones to conquer one of our aim. The aim is to enlighten you with every affordable phone, so that every person among our audience can afford it. And today it seems that the dream has become reality and the aim is completed. Today we’re introducing you to a low-end smartphone with an unbelievable price tag of just $60. The phone under the spotlight is the new Landvo XM100, and we know that the name is a little bit weird.

landvo xm100

Landvo XM100 has all you need in a smartphone….

Giving $60 for a smartphone is really funny, especially when we’re talking about 5-inch screen resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. Of course, you cannot expect a crystal clear, Full HD or 4K resolution from a 60 dollar phone. This resolution is enough to satisfy that specific audience who wants to spend $60 for a cell phone.

Apart from this, the camera is not that much awesome when it comes to taking pictures and shooting a video. This is because the front and rear camera of Landvo X100 is of 5MP and 8MP (polarized), respectively with AF and LED flash. But you can assume that the images will be good if you look at them on your cell phone, but not on the computer. Anyways, for $60 you can not expect a high-end performance, including 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of memory that falls into this price category and are the hardware of Landvo XM100.


If you do not want expensive device but need something “at home” or for a gift, this mobile phone will be more than enough. The battery of 2000 mAh should be enough for one day use, since the display, RAM and the processor seems to be energy efficient. 

The best aspect of this phone is the processor. The heart of the phone is a solid MediaTek MT6580 1.2GHz quad-core processor. Seriously, a Quad Core processor for that price? Meanwhile, another good feature of Landvo XM100 is the Android OS. Friends, if we look at the phones categorized in that price tag, we would surely find majority of them running on old versions of Android. Versions including Jelly bean, KitKat and Gingerbread. But for XM100, the result is not the same because it runs on Android Lollipop (v 5.1.1).

We would like to sum up, by saying that although the specs are not that much interesting. But they are still quite amazing for what you get in $60. Due to this we have selected this phone for that specific audience that consider low-end specs and budget for a smartphone.

Detailed Specs:

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Price & Availability:

Landvo XM100 is available at Gearbest in three colors white, black and golden for a price of $60.

landvo xm100



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  1. They mark this kind of phone with $60, it is reasonable. But I will suggest you a better one – Bluboo Maya with 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, 8MP+13MP cameras and Android 6.0, price is $69.99, I am considering of getting one on its pre-sale time.

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