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Jumper EZpad 4S Pro Review, 10-inch Windows Tablet – Best Tablet only 134$!

10-inch Windows 10 tablet Specs – Intel CPU, 10-inch FHD IPS Display, 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage

Living in 2017 we need a fast Windows tablet like Microsoft Surface or Acer Predator for work and gaming. Costing just 134$ Jumper EZpad 4S Pro 10-inch Windows 10 Tablet is the best affordable Windows tablet today. EZpad 4S Pro Specifications include 10-inch FHD IPS Display, Intel CPU Z8350, 4GB RAM and 64GB fast storage with licensed Windows 10 Creators Edition lets you work and play like never before. Check out my comprehensive Jumper EZpad 4S Pro Review – Best Affordable Windows 10 Tablet!

Jumper EZpad 4S Pro Unboxing, Specs and Features

While Android tablets have some limitations like properly editing photos and videos, Windows tablets can install real Adobe Photoshop and play any PC game or older consoles using emulators. The possibilities are endless when you have the right software and hardware.

Jumper EZpad 4S Pro Specs:

  • Quad-Core Intel CPU Z8350
  • 4GB RAM and 64GB expandable storage via SD card or Portable Hard Drive
  • 10.6-inch FHD IPS Display with fast and accurate touch
  • 6600mAh Battery
  • Magnetic Keyboard for a full Laptop Experience(sold separately)
  • Front Camera for Skype Videos
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Mini HDMI
  • USB 3.0 Port
  • MicroUSB port
  • DC Charging port

jumper ezpad 4s pro specs windows tablet

jumper ezpad 4s pro unboxing jumper ezpad 4s pro unboxing

affordable windows tablet best windows tablet

windows tablet stylish affordable
Windows Tablet Jumper EZpad 4S Pro looking stylish

First of all, other cheap Chinese tablets strive to offer only the basics, Jumper EZpad 4S Pro is the real deal. Furthermore, everything you get with products like Microsoft Surface and Acer Predator can be found using EZpad 4S Pro. Bringing so many features and great specs, EZpad 4S Pro takes it lite in retail packaging. Inside the box, you only find the tablet itself and a USB cable. You can buy the magnetic keyboard and adapter separately if you need them.


Jumper EZpad 4s Pro Performance, Battery Life and Gaming

With overprice Microsoft Surface Pro and Acer Predator, I was fearing the worst when it comes to performance. Luckily I wasn’t right. EZpad 4S Pro is just as fast as any budget laptop and has no issues running Windows 10 and doing multitasking.

Transferring data using USB 3.0 port is super-fast with EZpad 4S Pro!

Featuring the best FHD Display I have ever seen on a 130$ tablet, ever! Making gaming and watching videos a real joy. Speaking of gaming I had no issues running games like Blizzard’s Hearthstone, Portal 2 and Trine 2 from Steam with the tablet.

jumper ezpad 4s pro gaming hearthstone
EZpad 4S Pro Running Blizzard HearthStone

Watching your favourite movies and youtube shows using EZpad 4S Pro is terrific. With Battery life up to 10 hours playing videos from the storage on the 10.6-inch FHD IPS display with great sounding speakers makes purchasing it alone worthwhile.

jumper ezpad 4s pro review affordable windows tablet
Watching Movies is a joy using Jumper EZpad 4S Pro(can you guess the anime?)

windows 10 tablet ezpad 4s pro review

Yet another key Windows 10 tablet feature is that you can download hundreds of PC games or use emulators. As a result making your gaming library almost infinite. Furthermore, Installing Microsoft Office and Photoshop is much easier and provides plenty more features compared to their Android versions. Especially relevant, If you find yourself limited by the 64GB Storage, hooking a portable Hard Drive, USB 3.0 Flash drive or SD card enables you to expand it.

jumper ezpad 4s pro review affordable windows tablet
Jumper EZpad 4S Pro hooked up to a 500GB portable Hard Drive

Jumper EZpad 4S Pro Final Thoughts – The Best Affordable Windows Tablet

Most noteworthy, I never experienced any technical issues or overheating using this affordable Windows 10 tablet. Seems like, buying those cheap 300$ laptops is pointless because you get the same experience for a much lower price. I definitely recommend EZpad 4S Pro as the best affordable Windows Tablet.



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