JISIWEI J-BOT3 vacuum cleaner review

The vacuum cleaners have been become a part of our life, and now many manufacturers are working hard to enhance them. We have already reviewed a few robotic vacuum cleaners with attractive features and functionalities like the SeeBest C561 and D730, and though we were excited of their specs list and capabilities, seems we have found a better cleaner to introduce you. This gadget is dubbed as the JISIWEI J-BOT3 and as you’ll see there are many specs you have not heard about yet.


Honestly, we have seen several robotic vacuum cleaners that act quite smart like avoid falling or climb 12mm obstacles, but have you ever seen cleaners programmed to catch off guard thieves or intruders? Or could you imagine such gadgets are able to oversee your baby when he/she is sleeping or see what your pets are doing when you are not home? However, things happen, and it turns out we can acquire a vacuum cleaner to free us from routine work, but it will serve us in other spheres of our live as well. So let’s not lose time and get acquainted with the key features of the JISIWEI J-BOT3.


Like all other robotic vacuum cleaners this one comes in a round housing as well. The top of the cleaner carries three important features we have to mention. First, the JISIWEI J-BOT3 comes with a web camera. Second, anti-collision sensors are placed next to it, and finally, an infrared sensor receiver is located there as well. There is nothing on the top besides these three specs and a logo of the manufacturer.

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The bottom side of this cleaner is more interesting as almost all the necessary features are located there. For example, you can find the auto recharge connector, 360 degree wheel, side brush, anti-drop sensors, mop pad at 120x180mm, side wheels and suction hole.

The rest of features is in the body and we’ll talk about them later, while the rest of sensors are located around the cleaner.

Commonly, the JISIWEI J-BOT3 sport a very slim body capable to prowl all the narrow places, but looks attractive as well. It comes at dimensions of 34.00 x 8.80 x 8.80 cm and weighs only 2.6kg. Though I don’t think it’s important, but this cleaner is available in black, white and gold colors.

JISIWEI J-BOT3 Cleaning Methods and Modes

This robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a list of cleaning methods and modes that exceed other models in number. For example, the JISIWEI J-BOT3 comes with a suction, sweep, mopping and drying all in one, while there are up to 7 routes for it. Shortly this means the vacuum cleaner is capable of reaching the outermost corners of your room and even go into corner or under the bottom of furniture.

JISIWEI J-BOT3 cleaning routes


The first thing that this cleaner takes into account when moving is detecting where it could fall. So developers have equipped it with an anti-drop feature allowing the J-BOT3 to find out where are the stairs and keep away from it thanks to corresponding sensors.

As you know, there are many cables in houses and it’s very easy for robots to tangle in them. So the manufacturer has added an anti-tangle option to help the cleaner to stay away from those situations.

The JISIWEI J-BOT3 also comes with a climbing ability, thus if the obstacle has a height less than 15mm it can climb it and continue cleaning. Truly, this is a very attractive features, because many cleaners support only 12mm climbing.

Finally, there are 7 infrared sensors and a TPU sensor film that will protect the device from collision.


This robot is capable of cleaning a 200sq.m, which is a huge area. But in terms of mopping it can serve only 120sq.m due to 180ml four-channel seepage stream. That’s why its dust box capacity is a bit larger than what we see at others – 600ml. This box comes with a HEPA Efficient Filtration that can identify a dust by its size and ingest it in a special way allowing the cleaner to fit more dust. Its suction is 800pa, which is better than our expectations as well.

I guess you have been waiting for this cleaner to come with auto cleaning option, because such devices should have such features. And as for the JIWISEI J-BOT3 does. You can schedule the work and it will start cleaning on a certain date at a certain time even if you are not home.


The cleaner is packed with a 2200mAh Li-ion battery that fully charges in 3 hours. This is enough to work 2 hours and to clean 200sq.m. without additional charging, but if the cleaning process requires more or the cleaner has begun cleaning not fully charged, the JISIWEI J-BOT3 has an auto-charging option that makes the device to identify where is the charging dock and get it.

JISIWEI J-BOT3 autocharging

JISIWEI J-BOT3 Special Features

As I said at the beginning of the review, the JISIWEI J-BOT3 has a few special features that make this device to stand out among other robotic vacuum cleaners. First, it refers to App control. The cleaner comes with WiFi, 3G/4G connectivity support that allows users to control it via your smartphone from anywhere. If you are aware of there are many cleaners controlled by special wireless controllers. This one comes with a remote controller, but allows users to implement the same via other devices.

Second, the JISIWEI J-BOT3 is packed with a 1MP camera with 120 degree wide view angle lens that allows users to record videos or shoot photos. Thus you can use this device even for other purposes, say, you can check whether your baby sleeps calmly or not. This is quietly possible, as its noise level is less than 65dB.


The cleaner can be controlled via voice prompt. Thus you can use special commands to make it to start recharging, cleaning or anything else.

JISIWEI J-BOT3 Packaging

The package of the JISIWEI J-BOT3 comes at dimensions of 48.00 x 45.00 x 18.00 cm and weighs about 4.6kg. It includes the vacuum cleaner, one remote controller, one charging dock, one EU adapter, one cleaning brush, one bristle brush, four side brushes, two mopping pads, and an English manual.


The JISIWEI J-BOT3 is set to be launch in the near future at a price tag of $179.99. So you can use the buttons below to form your pre-order.


I guess vacuum cleaner will become smarter in coming years, and like the JISIWEI J-BOT3 they will come with more options behind the cleaning. So this a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with those additional features of this cleaner and wait for more.


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