How Gather software is changing the way restaurants and venues manage their events

Whether you’ve had the experience of planning your own private events such as weddings or a simple birthday party, or if you manage your own events business, you know that it is never that simple to plan one. Everything from the initial inquiry of prospective customers up to the execution of the event on the day itself requires careful and detailed planning.

Are you looking for a way to simplify the way your restaurant or venue manages its events business? There is help available to assist you in everything that has to do with this. Gather’s venue management software is the perfect tool for making a big impression on your customers. It has become an essential software for many events business owners regardless of the type of event they are managing.

The first question you may ask is whether or not you are actually in need of this kind of software at all. You may think that you already have enough manpower to stage a big event, but if there is a way to streamline all the processes of event planning, thereby making your team more efficient and effective, then why not take the opportunity right?

One of the keys of a successful event being organized and this is the purpose of Gather’s software. From the first inquiry of a customer and everything from then until the day of the event can be handled by Gather’s software. More often than not, event planners complain about the lack of time they have in preparing for any event. This technologycan be of great assistance to any event planner. Read on to find out how.

With Gather’s shared calendar, the whole event’s management team can easily see all the events, from those that have finished and those that are still being planned. Managers or team leaders can also send Daily Digest emails, which is the perfect way to update your team on the upcoming events. Another feature that will help in the process is auto-generation of documents. All forms related to event planning, whether they are proposals, menu-planning, or invoice can be accessed easily in the software.

With the Gather software, instant messages between the teams is easy. Coordination is a breeze, and communicating with your customers is made even easier. Potential customers can inquire any time of the day with the automated booking inquiry widget. With Gather’s software, making business reports is easy as you can track all events and see how your business has fared.


This software also features clean and attractive layouts. The platform is fairly easy to use and the formats provided for the document are attractive and will surely impress customers. All these features are just some of the ways that Gather’s software has re-imagined how events management can be. With the way that it has made things easier for event planners in terms of organization and communication, there is now more time to acquire more customers and more events. Business owners can be assured that their business has the potential to boom once they make use of the software.


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