GPD WIN GamePad tablet PC Unboxing: The Smallest Win10 Computer

Recently we have been looking at a quite attractive product dubbed as the WinkPax G1 and it’s been considered as a gaming tablet. Thanks to a special controller where the tablet can be mounted we can get our hands on a regular tablet that can turn into a full-featured gamepad. Now I am offering you to take a glance at another amazing product, the GPD WIN GamePad tablet PC. If this name says nothing to you, just know it is the smallest Windows 10 computer in the globe.

GPD WIN GamePad tablet PC

The manufacturer has made a few changes in comparison to other models. Those improvements refer to keyboard and the key response speed, the modified circuit layout and many more. As a result its price has increased by 100 yuan. Now the GPD WIN GamePad tablet PC is available for $358.27.

As you see, the GPD WIN GamePad tablet PC comes in a black packaging. The computer is in a protective plastic cover. The charger and the headphone are in small black boxes put next to the PC. There is also a system disk with licensed Windows 10 and a serial number.

GPD WIN GamePad tablet PC GPD WIN GamePad tablet PC GPD WIN GamePad tablet PC

It’s a regular charger with no fast charging option.

GPD WIN GamePad tablet PC

The cover material is better than what we have seen in the previous model. As you remember, the previous GPD GamePad came with a glossy color. This one comes with a matte color.

GPD WIN GamePad tablet PC GPD WIN GamePad tablet PC

The GPD WIN GamePad tablet PC sports a 5.5-inch in-cell OGS IPS screen at a resolution of 720p, Intel Cherry Trail Z8700 quad-core CPU clocked up to 2.4GHz, 4GB LPDDR3 RAM, and 64GB of eMMC ROM that can be expanded up to 128GB. Thanks to this combination the GPD WIN GamePad tablet PC boots very fast and works smoothly.

GPD WIN GamePad tablet PC

This GamePad offers three methods of interaction – traditional mouse mode, Xbox mode, and gaming joystick mode. Any of these modes can be chosen via the key in the middle of controllers.

GPD WIN GamePad tablet PC

Other features include a 6000mAh battery, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB Type-C, etc. This small monster is priced around $358.27, which means you acquire a Win10-running gamepad for a song.



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