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[Hot Selling] Get the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for $19.99 on Lightinthebox (Free Global Shipping)

The Mi Band 2 is Xiaomi’s second-generation fitness tracker and is just over two years old in the market, yet the smart wearable is still a hot selling device. A recent report places the Mi Band 2 second only to the FitBit smart band, and yet it clutches a cheap price tag hovering around $24 – $30. That price just got a lot cheaper on Lightinthebox where the Mi Band 2 is on offer for $19.99 with coupon. The Coupon code is OZB105064470A.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 comes with several sports and fitness tracking features like a heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, and others. It uses a cool LED display which lights up when you lift up your hand. You can also access other functions by just wiggling your hand. Other important features include a sedentary reminder whereby the gadget buzzes when you have been sitting or standing in one place for too long.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 connects to the Mi Fit app from where the results of the tracking can be accessed. The Band 2 also works as an alarm and it vibrates when the time is up.  Other features of the smart wearable include that it is water resistance, packing IP67 level of resistance to both water, dust, and others. You can buy the Mi Band 2 for just $19.99 by visiting the product page on Lightinthebox via the link below and making use of the coupon- OZB105064470A. The offer is open till March 31, so it is important you be fast about grabbing this offer. After now, the Xiaomi Band 2 goes back up o $23.99. Besides, there is a free shipping option on Lightinthebox meaning you won’t have to pay any extra bucks to have it delivered to you wherever you are based worldwide.

  • KeKyKo

    Music controller?

    • Jed

      I think the Mi Band 2 features music controller via Bluetooth but that has to be activated from settings via Mi Fit app

      • Suvrat Jain

        No doesn’t feature that.

        • Jed

          oh really, my bad.

      • Indrek Millert

        there is 3rd party Android app for that Notify & Fitness. Works well with my Mi5S

  • harshal khutarkar

    U should know that it dosent work on black skin after a update in November before it was fine but now its broken, so if your skin color is black be careful because it dosent work on my skin and i did test it on other people too before confirming my claim

    • Jed

      Hi, I use the Mi Band 2 and I am black. Sure the heart rate monitor doesn’t work on black skin people. The issue has been reported on the Mi forum and Xiaomi is aware about it and have said they are looking into it. But I have found a temporary fix before Xiaomi comes up with a solution. Just slide a small piece of of white paper big enough to cover the sensor and capish, it should work. Sounds crude but I’ve tested it severally and it works. Do remember to fasten the band firmly to the wrist