Gaming Laptop MSI GL62M Offered for just 999$ – Intel 7th gen i7 7700HQ and Nvidia GTX1050Ti

Looking to take your gaming on the go? There is no better gaming laptop MSI GL62M best price only 999$! Featuring the fastest Intel Kaby Lake mobile CPU i7 7700HQ and desktop graphics GTX1050Ti for Mobile, MSI GL62M offers a bargain, no real gamer can pass.

Gaming Laptop MSI GL62M Specs and Features

Equipped with a 15.6 inch FHD LED display, wit a backlit keyboard for full gaming immersion even in low-light situations. Besides the screen, gamers know there’s three important aspects which are most important for gaming laptop – CPU, Graphics and Cooling.

gaming laptop msi GL62M backlit keyboard

MSI GL62M CPU – 7th gen Intel i7 7700HQ with Desktop Performance

Offering a true Kaby Lake Quad-Core with Hyper-Threading and high clock spees, nothing beats this chip when it comes to mobile performance. With 4 cores and 8 threads at max. clock speeds of 3.8GHz with only 40W power-draw! Gaming or Video/Photo editing this CPU has you covered for years to come.

gaming laptop msi GL62M i7 kaby lake

MSI GL62M GPU – Desktop Nvidia Graphics on the GO with GTX 1050Ti

Equally important as the CPU is the Graphics Card. Thanks to Nvidia we now have desktop graphics GTX1050Ti possible inside a laptop. Play all modern games like Battlefied 1, Overwatch and GTA V on the highest settings without frame drops.

gaming laptop msi GL62M nvdia gtx 1050

MSI GL62M Cooling – Keeping that Peak Performance without throttling

Thansk to a new dual-fan cooling solution and 14nm CPU and GPU you are finally able to maintain peak performance without thermal throttling.

Gaming Laptop MSI GL62M Lowest Price 999$ Special Coupon Code For XiaomiToday Readers!

You can now own a beefy specs gaming laptop for below 1000$, nothing really beats an i7 Kaby Lake and Desktop Nvidia Graphics on a budget. The price is so low that if you go to your PC store you won’t be able to build a more capable PC for playing the latest games.

gaming laptop msi GL62M best price




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