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Furibee F80 1080P HD Action Camera – The tech scene is presently saturated with enormous quantity of action cameras. As a matter of fact, the sales and acceptance of action cameras have been said to have surpassed camcoder and other professional types of camera. In fact, Wikipedia revealed that market-wise, by the year 2021, the Ultra HD category of action cameras expected to hit the $3.3 billion mark while the Full HD action cams, is expected to hit $2.2 billion.

As it is known, majority of action cameras are pricey and often require breaking the bank for. However, reverse is the case with the newly launched Furibee F80 1080P HD Action Camera.

Presently, GearBest is giving out the Furibee action cam at a giveaway price.

Furibee F80 HD Action Camera: Summary Specifications

Display: 2.0 inch LCD display


Weight: 60 grams

Memory: External SD card (up to 32GB)

Battery: 900 mAh battery

Available colours: Black

Furibee F80: Design and Body Build

Furibee F80

The Furibee F80 is a black compact rectangular shaped solid device made entirely out of plastic. The choice of material is particularly brilliant as it helps give the action camera a very light weight. Of course no one would love to carry a burdensome camera while skating or surfing, right?


Furibee F80

The Furibee F80 HD Action Cam weighs only 60 grams and has an overall body dimension of 6.00 x 4.50 x 3.00 (in centimeters) or 2.36 x 1.77 x 1.18 (in inches).

Furibee F80

The Furibee F80 comes out of the box with a case that confers the action cam with waterproof capability. The waterproof case is crystal clear (or transparent) and enables users use the camera for activities like surfing, diving, swimming and many more underwater activities.

Furibee F80

That is not all, the Furibee F80 can be used under water that is as deep as 30 meter, or 98 feet owing to its IP68 waterproof certification. By the way, you should know that the action camera can only be used underwater with the waterproof case. Do not take it underwater or near water without the waterproof case as you could damage your device.

Furibee F80

Another important use of the water proof case of the Furibee F80 camera is its adherence use. The case allow you to attach the camera to surfaces like bike, head gear, helmets or even on your skateboard.

Furibee F80

At the bottom of the cam, there is an opening that opens right to the bottom right and allows removal and replacement of the Furibee F80’s battery.

Furibee F80: Perfect size crystal display

Furibee F80

On the rear of the Furibee F80 is a small 2.0-inch display. The screen is a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) type of display that shoots pictures and videos at a high quality resolution of 1080P.

Furibee F80

Being an LCD screen, it offers high, bright and sharp colour reproduction and representation on all images and videos captured and displayed on the screen.


The main component of the Furibee F80 is the 1080P camera that right side of action camera.

Furibee F80

The F80 also shoots both 720P and 1080P videos at 15fps and 30fps. The action cam also has the ability to convert videos to slow motion.

Addendum: It is noteworthy to state that the Furibee F80 shoots videos only in .avi formats and pictures, in .jpeg formats


All pictorials and video recordings are made on an external Micro SD card. The cam supports external storage of up to 32GB.


The ultra affordable action camera also comes with an ultra impressive and huge battery capacity and battery life. According to the manufacturer’s information available on paper, the F80 HD Cam comes with a 900mah battery.

The battery has an overall charge time of 3 hours (to charge from 0% to 100%) and upon full charge, you can use the Furibee F80 HD Action Camera to capture exciting moments and escapades for up to one hour (60 minutes). When on, the battery has a standby period of more than an hour (approximately 80 minutes).

Another thing to note about the battery of the Furibee F80 is that it has a strong battery. According to Furibee, the F80’s battery has a life span 1 year before the need to change it arises.

Package Contents

When you purchase the F80 HD Camera, the following materials are what you would come across when you unbox;

Furibee F80

  • 1 x Furibee F80 Sports Camera
  • 1 x Waterproof Case
  • 1 x Handle Bar
  • 1 x Clip, 4 x Bandage
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 3 x Installation Accessory
  • 1 x English Manual

If you want, at the purchase point on GearBest, you can add an optional additional accessory (a MonoPad Selfie Stick) for just a token of $2.99 discount price on GearBest

Furibee F80

Furibee F80: Price and Where to Buy

The F80 has a standard official price of $22.78. But you can get the action camera at a flash sale price of $19.99.

However, from now till December 12, you can get the Furibee F80 HD Cam on GearBest at $9.99 using the coupon code “GBFBF80


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