Cheap Xiaomi Mi MIX Rumored at 999 yuan ($145)

There are several trends in the smartphone market. First, now many top-notch devices come with a dual-camera. Second, the dual-curved screens are more demanded. Third, many smartphone makers launch devices focused on selfies. I am not talking about fast charging technologies, 10nm – 7nm process technologies, larger memories, ceramic or glass housings and so on. But I guess one of the most beloved features is the bezel-less screen. It is attractive in terms of appearance as well as functionality. Though the Xiaomi Mi MIX is not the first handset with a no-bezel display, it’s the most popular. I mean before its launch, Sharp had already released a similar handset named the Sharp Aquos Crystal back in 2014. But it didn’t succeed. So what’s the advantage of this smartphone? Let’s explore its key of success and discuss whether the rumors as the Chinese manufacturer is going to launch the simplified and cheap Xiaomi Mi MIX are true.

Xiaomi Mi MIX

We know the Xiaomi Mi MIX comes with a 6.4-inch screen at a resolution of 2040×1080 pixels, 17:9 aspect ratio that also occupies 91.3% of the front side. The screen-to-body ratio is going to expand in the upcoming Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 reaching up to 93%. As you know, this model is also being designed by Philippe Starck again. Anyway, this is another topic of conversation, so let’s return to the current model. Such a ratio makes the phone to look stylish and eye-catching, but it should be based on an innovative technology. I mean there are some areas dedicated for the speakers, buttons, front camera, sensors, etc. So when an area occupied by a screen is larger than the regular 75%, we can talk about either shortcomings or innovations.

Xiaomi Mi MIX

Fortunately, the case related with the Mi MIX belongs to the second category. The front speaker and the camera are located below the screen. This is the first phone with no home button on the front coming our way from Xiaomi. The earpiece and the proximity sensor are hidden under the screen thanks to a piezoelectric ceramic driver for the earpiece and an ultrasonic proximity sensor. The former term means the vibrations will be beamed right through the glass making the people listen to a call without the traditional gap for a speaker, while the latter means the phone will dim when the display is held against your face. I guess many smartphone users will not take this seriously, but this is what we call innovation, folks! There are other astonishing features coming our way via this phone, but I am sure you are familiar with them.

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Well, all the aforementioned features, plus, what are silent helped this phone to stand out among many top brands. This was one of the main reasons why Xiaomi launched its white version too. But many were afraid of it having a bad experience with the iPhone 4. Regardless this fact all bunches of the Xiaomi Mi MIX have been sold out in seconds. But it’s priced too high, so many wish this smartphone to become available to larger masses. As for now, seems the manufacturer has heard complains, and it’s working on the cheap Xiaomi Mi MIX. What does this mean?

Xiaomi Mi MIX

Look, the original Xiaomi Mi MIX costs 3999 yuan ($580). Therefore, you can acquire any top brand handset, say, iPhone 7. So the manufacturer can pack it with weaker features in order to reduce thr pricing. Look at the photo below. This is the ‘causer’ of today’s article. The simplified variant of the Xiaomi Mi MIX has been leaked showing there is no ceramic body, no ultrasonic proximity sensor, no piezoelectric ceramic driver, and no ultra-small front camera. Moreover, it’s said this variant is going to be launched sporting only 2GB + 16GB as well as 3GB + 64GB memory combinations. But the screen is said to be made by Sharp again.

Cheap Xiaomi Mi MIX

Sounds good. But how much it will cost. It turns out the lower version is priced at 999 yuan ($145), while the higher model should cost ($217).

What do you think about the cheap Xiaomi Mi MIX and whether it is anything common with the Xiaomi Mi MIX Evo or the smaller variant?


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