CAT S60: The world’s first phone with Thermal Imaging Camera

Probably, many among you know about CAT. The international brand is expert in providing high-end construction machinery, mining equipment, engines and various other things. Now, they wanted to show their involvement in mobile phone manufacturing. The phone is not related to any low-end or ordinary terminals but a special one. We actually mean to say, the company shows interest in the phones category by introducing a rugged phone, a phone that is immune to any sort of harsh environment. Moreover, it’s the first phone which integrates a thermal imaging camera, ideal to check temperature elevations during work. Apart from the hardware, these two features works as the selling point of the newly released terminal known as CAT S60.

CAT S60 scrren

CAT S60 Structure : The Perfect Design with Maximum Protection

You know that rugged phones are not elegant, but CAT S60 is an exception. It’s elegant but we think that it looks more tech rather than showing the beauty. The design is the best we can look for a rugged phone – no pointed edges, just curved. The tough metal borders around the phone, the protective casing is simply awesome. The company has managed to combine resistance with a very “tech” design. The only cons we observed was that small hump at the top of the terminal, making it somewhat ugly.

CAT S60 design

The most appreciating thing for CAT is the sacrifice of inserting a thermal camera inside such a small chassis. CAT S60 is a tough phone, featuring all the properties of a rugged phone – protection against water, dust, shock and now temperature. Moreover, to increase the resistance to extreme fluctuations in environment, Corning Gorilla Glass Protection 4 has been introduced. The phone is also waterproof to the maximum depth of 5 meters.

CAT S60 Hardware: Not high-end performance but meets your expectations

Rugged phones are designed for toughness (survive the harshness), not to give the users a massive performance. Same is the case with CAT S60, but it’ doesn’t mean that it’s a low-end terminal. It’s in between the high and low specs, a mid-tier phone.

The glorious 4.7 inch screen has a HD resolution (1280 by 720 pixels). Faced with limited hardware of its predecessor, which was not too versatile beyond its industrial use, the Cat S60 arrives with a more than acceptable SoC Snapdragon 617 (8 x A53 @1.5 GHz ARM Cortex) you can handle multitasking and heavy apps thanks to 3 GB of RAM accompanying it. Moving to the storage, we have a generous space of 32GB and a long lasting battery capacity of 3800 mAh.

Difference between two rugged phones

CAT S60 most amazing feature in the hardware section is it’s camera. It comes with 13 MP rear and 5 MP front camera like all other mid-end phones. You can see it has two rear cameras, one is the common camera while other is the thermal camera. That thermal camera which is signed by FLIR and measures temperature of  the objects from a distance of 15 to 30 meters and capture video at 640 x 480 pixels.

CAT S60 cameras
Two rear cameras of CAT S60. The first one is the thermal camera while the second one is the ordinary camera.

Surprisingly, the phone has more to offer, such as the compatibility of the 4G network and a special mentioning of a powerful speaker capable of reaching up a sound of 105 dBA, ideal for work environments where there is a lot of noise. The phone runs on the latest version of Android v6.0 (Marshmallow), which serves as one of the pros of this terminal as most phones are still running on the previous version of Android.

CAT S60 thermal camera
The thermal camera detecting the temperature of a person

Price and Availability of CAT S60:

The product is advertised by a price tag of 650 euros, although expensive when it comes to the specification but reasonable due to its toughness, nice autonomy and a thermal camera which is over 200 euros and sold by FLIR separately. If you are interested in this terminal, then you can register your interest on the CAT official site.




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