Best Free Apps Coming Soon To PlayStore In 2017

Getting something exclusive before it’s really launched is a fantasy for many but a few get that, but in case of Android apps we here at XiaomiToday can make that fantasy true. So here we bring you a list of exclusive apps that aren’t yet available on the play store. Excited??

So now lets get started


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1- Android Download Manager

First one on this list is Download Manager, an amazing software we used to Manage our downloads on Windows and now its finally on Android currently abbreviated as ADM meaning Android download manager, it is yet to launch on the Google Play but you can download this from third party websites. currently this app can manage at most of free download but when you first visit. It will be set to a default value of one at a time but you can change that to a maximum of three downloads, it’s really good and it really works the way it used to do on Windows. Sadly for Android the Chrome plugin is not launched yet but to make it for that we have an inbuilt browser which is really good.

2- FireFox Aurora

Next up we have Firefox Aurora remember that cool looking browser that we had on our PC which for a sometime changed everyone’s default browser from Chrome to itself, finally this came to Android yet again this is not available on Google Play for now but can be download from elsewhere and don’t worry i will leave the download links in the description box. This browser is currently the first browser to support plugins on Android which is a new thing, this browser is synthetically very pleasing and can support multi tasking very well.

3- XDA Labs

In love with XDA forums then our next app is really gonna bother you, XDA Recently launched a new official app called XDA labs. This name is not permanent and is yet to be decided, the few features we found interesting were the ability to sort the posts according to a specified device or user, the apps covers a promising number of models but ya now a days soft drink companies making smartphones so you can’t expect XDA to list all the smartphones on the earth. For developers this is a promising app and you should give it a try.

4- Plus Messenger

Bored of WhatsApp and now want something new try plus which is a new variant for the Indian app called telegram, but plus messenger is a thousand times better than telegram with amazing features like secret chat channels and much more. One of the best being chat yourself which is nothing but an innovative way of recreating could storage. There’s nothing much to talk about certainly much to use.

5- Maps.ME

Ever got lost in some place with no network or no internet?? Well our next app is a perfect hack for that, we bring you it’s the most accurate offline location app, all you need to do is when you start the app you need to download an offline map of your locality and if you want you can also download offline maps of other areas which you always visit. Being offLine it does not show you live traffic updates but who cares of traffic when is lost.



6- Facebook Flash

A direct competitor to Snapchat is on its way and if u Love Snapchat?? Then you are sure to love flash, with functionality same as Snapchat, flash gives you the ability to make the same stories and same snaps but now through flash you can let your Facebook contacts see these stories. Nothing much to speak about but a lot to try.

7- SnapTube

The last app on this list is SnapTube, much like tubemate it can download any video over the world wide web be it YouTube, Dailymotion, Netflix, Facebook any video on the internet is yours. Not only videos even audio files can be downloaded directly to your device.

So Guys this is our pick for the best new apps which are coming soon to play store in 2017. If you think we missed any app then do let us know that in the comment section.

See you guys in my next one.

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