BEST CAMERA SETTINGS For Redmi Note 3 & 4!

The Redmi Note 3 was a game changer in the segment of budget smartphones. A big letdown for this phone was its camera performance. And same issue is with the Redmi Note 4.
So, I am going to show you the best camera settings for the default camera app of Redmi Note 3 & 4. You can tweak the CAMERA SETTINGS For Redmi Note 3 like I show you to get the best out of the camera!
So what you need to do is:
•Go to the camera app, tap on modes, go to settings.
•If you have an SD card, turn on ‘Save to SD Card’.
•If you want to improve composition, enable ‘Show Grid Lines’.
(The grids are not gonna appear on your photos)
•Now set ‘Picture Quality’ to ‘High’
•Set ‘Camera Frame’ to ‘4:3’ because it will give you the maximum resolution possible.
•Now set ‘Auto Exposure Settings’ to ‘Frame Average’. Because it improves dynamic range by a slight margin.
•Now set ‘Sharpness’ to ‘Lower’ or ‘Lowest’. Some people will tell you to keep ‘Sharpness’ on Normal, High, Higher & Highest, that is not going to help you, it will over sharpen everything and the photos will look artificial. Believe me, set the ‘Sharpness’ to ‘Lower’ or ‘Lowest’, then you will get the actual detail.
•Leave ‘Contrast’ & ‘Saturation’ to ‘Normal’.
Now it’s time for Video!
•Tap in the Camcorder Icon in the camera app to go to video mode.
•Tap ‘Modes’ & ‘Open Settings’
•Set ‘Video Quality’ to ‘Full HD’. (Lower it down to HD if you wish to shoot slow motion videos)
•Set ‘Focus Mode’ to CAF (Continuous Auto Focus). It will keep your subject in focus in videos.
And that’s pretty much it! I’m sure that these CAMERA SETTINGS For Redmi Note 3 will improve the camera performance of your Redmi Note 3 & 4!
Be sure to check the video on my YouTube channel to see me changing these settings in front of you.

I have made 3 more videos on Redmi Note 3 Camera Improvement, So make sure to check them out too.
Have a good day!
– Tanishq

Written by frank

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