Apple hints that September 7 will be the official release of iPhone 7

Today, Apple issued invitations to the media, inviting them to the company’s new conference on September 7, and a potential release new generation of iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2.

We know that Apple will release iPhone 6SE and iPhone 7, this year. But you would be thinking that why are we so sure that it’s going to be iPhone 7. This time, Apple inscribed “see you on the 7th” on the invitation, no doubt the number 7 has no other meaning rather than the release of iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 release

The conference takes place in Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. It’s the same place where Apple released the iPhone 6S, last year.

Apple is always famous for using hidden clues in new invitation pattern. This time, the pattern adopted by Apple is a large number of circular spots of distinct colors. They may look simple, but if we look more carefully, the alignment resembles the upper part of Apple’s Logo.

Another question arises that whether the colored spots are representative of different shades iPhone 7? Maybe, the much anticipated blue color.

iPhone 7 news

At the same time, this will also be the fifth consecutive year for Apple’s release of new products including the new iPhone in early September. Also we can see iPhone 8 Rumours popping so things are like a little confusing! :/

The conference will be held at 10:00 (Local Time) on September 7. However, the official opening will be in Beijing on September 8 at 1:00. Get ready to stay up all night!




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