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Smart home appliances are getting more popular nowadays. Almost all the general indoor operations can now be done with the help of machines. Smart window cleaner is one of the latest additions in this category. This Alfawise WS-860 review will introduce you to an advanced and capable solution for cleansing.

Alfawise is one of the forerunners in the field of smart home technology. They released various high-quality machines for better convenience in homemaking. Using numerous sensors and on-board computer, the Alfawise WS-860 scans the surface and creates optimal path to cleanse. It is the improved version of earlier Alfawise S60, which also gained popularity.

Alfawise WS-860 Review

The Alfawise WS-860 is a mid-ranged small and intelligent window cleaner. It’s a strong machine that operates fast, is very user friendly and responds to obstacle with the help of various sensors. It cleans and shines windows and removes dirt, dust and stains.

In-Depth Cleansing for Better ResultAlfawise WS–860 Review

The most important requirement of a window cleaner should be to clean the window properly. Alfawise WS-860 comes with various features to meet the requirement. Firstly, it generates 2.8 kPa of strong vacuum to ensure better cleaning. The pressure is enough to eradicate all unwanted particles from the surface.

Additionally, microfiber cloth is used here. It has a diameter of 0.4mm, which can remove smaller dust particles down to just a micron size. The provided floating cleaning cloth is quite large in size, having an area of 251 x 251 mm. Also, there are two modes for different situations, the wet wipe and dry wipe.

Dry wiping is simple, in this mode the machine cleanses the dust and dirt from the surface with only suction. But for stains, blots, oil, grease or bigger impurities, wet wipe is used. It can also be used with liquid glass cleaners for better and shinier result. The smallest cleaning area of this cleaner is 60 x 60 cm. It also acquired the RoHS European Certificate of Conformity for its cleaning results.

Small but Durable

The WS-860 comes in a relatively small dimension of just 25.2 x 25.2 x 7 cm and a light weight of 1.3 kg. The structure is suitable for cleaning in small spaces efficiently. The gear driving wheel is made of PC (polycarbonate) which is strong, tough and heat resistant. It is very durable and resistant to wearing off.

The usage of reinforced anti slip belt also gives a better durability and grip to the machine. To tackle against uneven surfaces or spaces between two surface, the cleaner can track the requirement of surface and function accordingly with its embedded floating friction board. These play vital roles to ensure durability of the cleaner.

Smarter Features for Convenience

Alfawise WS-860 comes with a 32-bit ARM CPU that generates algorithms according to the surface quality and plans the path to be covered for cleansing. The result is fast response and a good performance. It also features edge detection which avoids colliding.

A number of photoelectric sensors are situated in the machine, which are highly sensitive and provides protection while operating. They include cliff sensor and bump sensors. These sensors detect spaces between two different surfaces and controls suction accordingly to prevent falling and sense the presence of edges and changes path. It also has the memory of starting point and covered areas.

What’s in The Package

The WS-860 packaging weighs 3.69 kg in total and comes with 45 x 33 x 13 cm dimension. It contains a 1.5m power adopter with a 4m power cord, a remote controller that operates with 2x AAA battery which are not included, 2 pieces of cleaning cloth, an English user manual and most importantly an Alfawise WS-860 window cleaner.

Power Consumption and Lasting

The WS-860 comes with a 650mAh Lithium ion battery. The operating power is 75W and 220V AC current. The power consumption is normal. The machine can work 30 minutes standby, and also alarms the user with voice clips when power gets low. It can also generate up to 2.8 kPa suction pressure.

More Strength and Quicker Operation

To give a flawless quick result, a window cleaner requires strength and speed. Good compressive strength is a vital element for successful suction. The 2800 Pa pressure gives the machine more than enough grip to stay attached to the window and move reluctantly. Moreover, it also has a load capacity of 12 kg, which is quite admirable considering the size of this machine.

The machine is equipped with brushless motor for better suction, it also reduces noise to a low level of 60dB. The result is reduced friction, and better speed. Ideally the cleaner can cover a square meter of area in just 1 minute 40 seconds with a 99% precision level, which is very good.

Voice Prompts for Better Efficiency

The WS-860 is a smart cleaner in almost every aspect it features, including the voice prompt feature. It gets very useful while the cleaner gets stuck or faces difficulties while cleaning. It also notifies the user in various occasions with the built-in prompts.

For example, when the battery gets low it says “not enough power”, while powering off it requests the user to hold the handle. There are numerous other prompts for events like calibration error, completing cleansing, or getting trapped etc. This is a very useful way to ensure easier access.

Ease of Access

This smart window cleaner is very easy to operate too. It comes with a remote that supports 2x AAA batteries. With it, the machine can be directly commanded to start N, Z or N+Z path by pressing just one key. To ensure it can reach further areas, the charging adopter is made 1.5 m long with a 4 m cord, which gives enough cleaning area for most of the windows.

Alternatively, it can also be controlled with an app or with the command prompt. Moreover, the whole cleaner is just 7 cm thick, which enables the user to use it in places where safety nets or other spaces are used before the window.

Safety Measures

To clean windows efficiently from a high altitude, safety must be maintained to keep the machine intact. The cleaner is equipped some features to ensure its safety. It comes with barometric sensors that trigger suction in real time to increase at a required level while cleaning in places with gaps, to prevent falling.

The machine is also equipped with carabiners (spring loaded metallic shackles). In the event of power loss, UPS protection is given to ensure a little more running time. The suction itself is strong enough to withstand 12 kgs of load. Overall, the safety measures are enough to use this cleaner in skyscrapers without having to worry about falling it off.

Downsides of Alfawise WS-860

There are some minor drawbacks of this window cleaner. The first one is its square structure. For small and unique windows, oval sized cleaners are preferred to square ones for their maneuverability, they can rotate easily in constrain spaces. Also, the look of this machine is average. The biggest problem is the price. Lots of other window cleaners are available in this price.


From the Alfawise WS-860 review, it is safe to state that this smart window cleaner is a great choice when it comes to clean window faster and more precisely. It can be a great alternative to ladders and chemical sprays for cleansing. Being strong and easy to use, the cleaner is surely suitable for more convenience.


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