8 things to know about the Samsung Galaxy S8

  1. Display

Samsung Flagship devices are well known for their amazing displays, well what can we say about the S8 as it is going to get a whole lot better as they have decided to do something that every other smartphone manufacturer have hesitated to do. Samsung for the first time in the history of smartphones, have decided to put in a 4K display in the Samsung Galaxy S8. As you would have expected, Samsung is going for the AMOLED screens as they provide better accuracy of colors. Galaxy S8 will be launched in two sizes, 5 and 5.5 inch with Ultra HD Display.



Samsung is probable to go for the Exynos 8890 processor which is developed in their stable. The great thing about this processor is that it touched 3GHz mark in the initial testing done by Samsung but the company will be limiting it to 2.5 GHz for better power consumption. If not a Exynos, then definitely Snapdragon 830 chipset which will be working alongside a 6 GB or 8 GB RAM option.


We know that 32 GB model is not good enough to store 4K videos shot on the Galaxy S7, this is why Samsung might increase the base storage from 32 GB to 64 GB and will make S8 in 64 GB ROM and 6 GB RAM , 128 and 256 GB ROM with 8 GB RAM.


This time, Samsung has even managed to make a better camera than the already amazing one from the S7. The Galaxy S8 will feature a 20 MP optical image stabilized camera with laser autofocus and with the ability to record 4k videos at 60 FPS. On the front, it will have a 12 MP camera with auto-focus and led flash as well.


Note 7 showcased amazing technology but at the end of the year, it wasn’t anything more than an epic fail. Well, Samsung is playing bold this time and will be fitting in the same retina scanner technology that we saw in the Note 7. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will also feature the fingerprint capacitive scanner fitted at the front bottom of the device.


Samsung have invested a great amount of money in the battery department after taking off the Note 7. The Galaxy S8 will feature a 5,000 Mah battery with Quick Charge 4.0 technology which will charge your device from zero to 50 in less than 15 minutes which is just staggering.


Prices are expected to start from 60,000 INR this time as they have really put in a lot of stuff in the S8.


Samsung may launch the Galaxy S8 before the end of March, 2017 to be able to post some profit or cover the losses incurred from the Note 7.


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