5 Reasons To Steer Clear Of The Umidigi Crystal

Chinese manufacturer Umidigi (formally Umi) no doubt, has flooded the smartphone market with some really cheap products. However, what is the good in spending money when you cannot get anything in return?. Like I have always advised my readers, it is not enough to buy a smartphone simply because it is expensive or cheap, it is also not enough to get a product because it is coming from a particular manufacturer.

I have once said that listening to what a manufacturer says before buying its product is the greatest mistake anyone can make because no manufacturer will come out to tell you “hey…I’ve just made a really embarrassing smartphone”. The customer review is the best form of assessment you can give to any manufacturer and from this, Umidigi has got some really bad reviews. While a whopping 60% of online comments on Umidigi smartphones regretted ever purchasing the product, the remaining 40% is indifferent.

Umidigi Crystal Umidigi Smartphone

Umidigi is known to focus all its attention on the build and design of its smartphones which makes it attractive but beneath the hood lays the regret. It is also known for copying the designs of the successful models, just like they did with iPhone 7 and their new UMIDIGI G. If you have taken a look at the new Umidigi Crystal, you will see that it is a complete clone of the Xiaomi Mi MIX in terms of design. The official pre-sale of UMIDIGI Crystal started yesterday, 15th August from $99.

Over the years, similar complaints are consistent with Umidigi smartphones and you can be sure that it has not fixed those issues. The question now is “Are you willing to trade $99 for a 60% chance that your new Umidigi Crystal will be a mess?” or “Would you sacrifice $99 for Umdigi Crystal when you are certain that it will most likely come with one problem or another?”

Here, I compiled five CONSISTENT problems of Umidigi smartphones which should advise you to steer clear from the much advertised Umidigi Crystal.

  • Poor Quality Check

One problem with Umidigi is that it never properly carries out a quality check on all the units it produces. It took just a month and a half for it to move from the Umi Plus E to the Umi Z…that is just insane especially when there are loads of issues in the former. When top manufacturers experience issues with a particular product, you will often find out that the issue is consistent over the millions of units it produces thus 99% of customers who purchase the device will have the same complaint. This is normal because once in a while, a manufacturer may have difficulty with a particular feature. With Umidigi, this is not the case.

Umidigi Crystal Umidigi Smartphone


It appears the different units of Umidigi smartphones from the same batch experiences different problems which clearly shows that the company is always in a hurry to couple a smartphone and send it to the market thus the quality of each unit you find in the market is not guaranteed while they all sell for the same price. We are looking at a game of luck here with your money. If you are lucky, you get a unit that was properly checked but if not, you get trash.

  • Zero After Sale Support

The honest truth is that with Umidigi there is absolutely no customer support thus the much advertised Umdigi Crystal will not have any preferential treatment. The only time you can contact Umidigi is prior to buying the phone. Once the sale is done, you are completely on your own. Remember UMI Diamond? Less than 6 months after they started selling the phone, they pulled the product listing off their website thus leaving anyone with issues on this smartphone stranded at the time. Umidigi releases a new phone every month or two, the older devices which are just a few months old by the way gets left behind. As far as I know, this is probably a strategy to create a distraction from its woes as customers will anticipate that the new product will be better but it never gets better save for its appearance which of course is copied.

Umidigi Crystal Umidigi Smartphone

  • Bugs & Software Issues

This is the greatest problem of Umidigi smartphones and it is all but certain that the newly released Umidigi Crystal will have the same issue. Let us take a look at some of the issues that have been consistently reported and as usual, Umidigi never do much to curtail the situation

Slow Screen Response To Touches

There are many complaints about the slow screen response of some units especially with the UMI Diamond and Umidigi Z. This usually starts from a few days to weeks after usage and in some cases, the screen will become erratic and even a factory reset does not solve this problem. We also have comment screen issues with some apps and games like PPSSPP and Tekken 6. Here when you click directly on an icon, you get no response and then you click astride that icon and you get a response. This is grossly unacceptable for a 2017 smartphone.

Random Pull Down Of Notification Panel

This has been experienced by users across most of Umidigi smartphones. After a while, the notification panel will keep pulling itself down even without any activity on the phone. It is very irritating because you could be on a chat and this pull down still occurs.

Umidigi Crystal Umidigi Smartphone

Connectivity Problems

Complaints on connectivity with Umidigi smartphones abound. It’s common to have a supposed 4G phone only ever showed a 3G connection. There have also been some surprisingly simple complaints with Umidigi smartphone. For instance, an Umidigi E Plus (this phone cost over $230) user lamented that his mobile data and Bluetooth connectivity are not working, These issues are damn simple even for a rookie and it is completely obvious that this is as a result of the poor quality check.

Super Slow Fingerprint Sensor

There is currently a video on Youtube which shows the Umidigi Z struggling with its fingerprint sensor. It takes two and sometimes three taps for it to respond. Secondly, you have to place your finger straight and directly on the sensor for it to respond, any slight angular deflection means no response.

Umidigi Crystal Umidigi Smartphone

  • Battery

Oh, I can’t forget that Umidigi batteries are crazily poor. It runs down like a waterfall and takes the whole day to charge fully. With low activity usage, you may get about 60% of a day if you are lucky.  If you are a high-end gamer, please expect your Umidigi phone to heat up as high as 42-degrees (that’s the temperature of water I use in taking my bath lol) but if you are satisfied with low-end games like Asphalt, you will surely get as high as 38-degree heat up. This is so not fun for a smartphone in the 21st century.

  • Other Common Issues

We have gotten misleading reports of Umidigi smartphones being scratch resistant and from the slightest impact, a huge scratch appears. Camera quality is also another very common issue with Umidigi smartphones however, I want to assume that it will be able to fix that even though it is known for not doing much when complaints are made. There is also this report of a mysterious white line appearing on the screen after a few weeks.

Umidigi Crystal Umidigi Smartphone

A user once said

“I bought an Umi Z back in January. I cannot be more disappointed with it. Since I’ve owned it I have had many software issues such as Google Music not working, screen not rotating, data connection dropping, etc”

Another said

“Avoid the Umidigi Z Pro like the plague its a waste of money and time.”

“The battery drain is so fast that the rear of the phone gets so hot I was afraid it would catch fire”.

Umidigi Crystal Umidigi Smartphone


This is an honest observation from Umdigi smartphones considering customers review. Every manufacturer has its problems but online, we have never seen such massive complaints from the likes of Meizu, Xiaomi, and even Doogee. Except there would be some sort of miracle, the Umidigi Crystal will most likely have many of these issues.




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