3D Touch Expected to See On Xiaomi Mi 5S and Mi Note 2

Before the Xiaomi Mi 5 was launched many users had been claiming the forthcoming flagship will have a 3D Touch feature. This caused a real stir in the net, as before it only one handset came with such functionality. Unfortunately, the Mi 5 did’t have such a feature, and the company even didn’t say when it will come up with it and which devices will support 3D Touch. Of course, this can cause discontent at many geeks, especially at Xiaomi fans, but seems we have good news for them. We have found some sources, where this problem is actively discussed and seems we have some suggestions when it will appear on Xiaomi handsets.

3d touch xiaomi

Some advanced users have found hidden 3D Touch features in MIUI, and reported it in different forums. As a result people started thinking Xiaomi has already finished the developing of its own 3D touch feature, therefor we can see it in upcoming models of Xiaomi. The first models that can come with this feature are thought to be the much rumored Mi 5S and Note 2. Moreover, it’s claimed Xiaomi will hold a conference in this month ?. So this is a good place to introduce new handsets with 3D Touch.

As for the technology itself, it has appeared on the iPhone 6S first changing the rules how users interact with their devices. As you know the way you press the screen affects how the system gets it. As a result, the multi touch gestures like tap swipe and punch are replaced with 3D touch’a pick and pop. It brings new dimensions to the functionality of the phone.

We have already seen something like this at Meizu, I am talking about its mBack functionality that has been granted recently. Although it refers only the home button. So it’s the time to create something like that on Xiaomi handsets, otherwise Xiaomi can stay behind.



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