Over 200 Mi Home Stores to Open This Year

Anyone familiar with Xiaomi knows this company makes astonishing gadgets for all cases of life. Any product carrying this brand is sold like hot cakes. But there is one big problem Xiaomi has not solved yet. I am talking about the production shortage. It mainly refers to smartphones, but other devices suffer of this problem as well. Let’s just recall the latest handsets launched by this manufacturer. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X has faced this problem a few months back. It’s available at retailers’ stores only now. The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Mi MIX always have this problem. There are too many smartphones that can easily appear on this list. So we understand those customers who want to acquire a Xiaomi device, but they can’t find it. Seems this problem is going to be sold this year, if believe in Lei Jun. Up to 200 Mi Home stores will be opened in 2017.

 Mi Home

There are two way to increase the revenue – ?xtensive and intensive development. The manufacturer doesn’t save on innovations, and every newly launched product comes with at least one innovative feature. So we can write down everything is ok with the intensive development. But what about the extensive development of the company.

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It turns out Xiaomi is going to have up to 200 Mi Home stores countrywide. Currently there are only 80 Mi Home stores and uncounted number of regular stores in China. So the manufacturer has to open 15 stores per month starting May. Otherwise it won’t be able to complete the task.

Mi Home

If Xiaomi succeeds and completes the task in time, the problem mentioned at the beginning of this article will be sold. Just imagine you will be able to buy any Xiaomi device whenever you want. Sounds wonderful. So we only have to cross fingers and wait for new Mi Home stores opened one after another.



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